Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't Give A Hill Of Beans About This Post

This week has been a pretty bleh week. One week I feel I've made a break through with Bossyboy on his writing and what not and that it's all going to be puppies and rainbows from then on out. The next week nothing, no interest whatsoever in anything we do. Such is life I guess.

He is definitly not into the craft thing like I am. He'd probably rather eat broccoli than cut or glue anything. Yet I still force it down his throat and tell him; "You will make this turkey have cute feathers, and you will like it." We don't get to far and I end up finishing it.

All this to say I have nothing worthy of post today. Nobody said anything closely funny and I certainly haven't had any mis adventures in New Town Texas. So I leave you today with pics of beans. I can feel the excitement building. Your welcome.

He likes to pretend he's making me various food items. I believe he's making me a PBJ. He puts a lot of emotion into making a PBJ made from beans.

This one is just because I'm trying to be all artsy and whatnot.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I just tried to force my son to be crafty with me. The little 2 year old jerk makes me do ALL the coloring - seriously, he will not do it himself. He just picks up a crayon, shoves it in my hand, makes me color a dog or a triangle or a B or whatever, then snatches the crayon mid-draw out of my hand and gives me a new one. For about 20 minutes until I get exasperated and tell him I'm all done.

Love your artsy pic! :)

Lawanda said...

Oh I like the artsy pic :) Maybe you should let him start cooking lunch! :) He might like that better than feathers from the looks of things ;) haha

You are such a good mommy :)


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