Friday, October 10, 2008

Red River Rivalry

**Updated for my Yankee friends**

For those not in the know, this weekend is the big OU (University of Oklahoma) vs Texas football game. Unfortunately I will be at home, somehow trying to follow it online. It just won't be same not watching it on the big boob tube. Sniff. To say I almost contemplated heading up north (to Oklahoma) for a quick 3 hours to watch a game that's 30 miles from me, did in fact cross my mind.

I had to drive down-town today during rush hour traffic to get the hubs. Living in East Texas we were a bit shielded from the big hoopla in Big D. Oh it's big folks. The traffic was unbelievable. That was just heading out of Big D. I did love to see my fellow Sooner fans driving around looking a bit perplexed in the traffic. Hubs threatened to give the hookem horns sign to any Sooner fan he saw. I've you told of his Sooner angst before.

The hookem horns sign is a sign for the Texas Longhorns. You basiclly make a fist and point your pinky and fore finger up to look like horns. When you bring your fist down with the horns, that's showing your booing the Longhorns...generally done by Sooner fans. Hubs is a Longhorns fan to clarify but only in spite. So giving a Sooner fan the hookem horns sign is a bit of a insult.

I didn't feel like a crazy lost driver in downtown Big D as everyone else seemed to be the same way. I was only honked at once, which I think was pretty good for a rookie downtown driver.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings. I apologize to my Yankee fans who did not understand the lingo. :)


Krista said...

Okay, you're going to have to enlighten this northwesterner... what does OU stand for? I can't figure that out...
And who are the rival teams playing? And who does your husband root for and what is that sign?
Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

love your new header!


Lawanda said...

Yea, being ignorant of all things football (except oSu which is Ohio State, who my dh is obsessed with) I was a bit confused by this entire post.

Except the driving part. I got it. And I have to say you are a very very brave girl.

Anonymous said...

Well we were very excited that OU lost on Saturday..only to get beat by OSU.. this is not what we wanted going into this coming weekends match up with Texas.. Ugg..


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