Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Just Feel Like Being Random

I'm not in the mood to post Jean the B part two. It just does not paint myself in a pretty picture even though the circumstances at the time were a bit out of my control. Besides, I don't want to drag you guys down. I will get to it though, maybe this weekend. Instead how about some random, cause random makes the world go 'round.

-Hubs has decided to try a three week vacation from T.V... I may be crawled up in a ball in the corner...thank the lord for Internet.

-The blog may look a bit funky for awhile. I'm going Pink for the month of October for breast cancer awareness. Bare with me while I try to tweak things around.

-We tried making M&M cookies today, it didn't fare so well. For the past ten years of marriage I've used hubs' twenty year old hand electric mixer; it was on it's last leg..literally I lost one of the beaters. I told my mother my dilemma for last years birthday and that I wanted a new one. Instead she gave me her old mixer which also was probably twenty years old. I didn't complain much. It wasn't quite on the last leg but the motor was obviously about wore out. Somehow the instant I turned it on today to mix the sugars it totally died. Hopefully I can still try to mix my batch once I get a new one tomorrow.

-I'm getting these boys enrolled in school tomorrow. I think their over ready, this week has been a bit trying for all of us. I'm not overly thrilled to have to re buy school supplies though.

-I will get some pics of my kitchen. It doesn't have the coveted granite counter tops that everyone raves and dies to have. It really is pretty vanilla looking...which is way better than green flowered wall paper circa 1964. It's also huge. I have so much cabinet space I don't know what to do with it. The kids can actually help cook with out us all feeling like sardines.

That's all for now..back to your regularly scheduled blogging.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Eh sometimes those granite counter tops are over rated - I'd rather have the cabinet space personally!

Lawanda said...

We don't watch tv much, so that would not kill me ;) hehe

I love cabinet space too. I wish I had some right now! (By the time you tell me to shut up about my lack of kitchen, hopefully I will have no lack anymore! haha)

I feel ya on the old mixers. First I had my mom's old one, and now I have two: Kevin's aunt's and my mom's old (but newer than the old old) one! haha

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh a 3-week break from tv would drive us crazy. Ron as much (or more) as me though.

Sounds like an awesome kitchen, even without granite! We don't have granite or a large kitchen. I would love some more cabinet space. :)


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