Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Move That Made Jean A "B" Part 1

The part 1 kind of scares you a bit doesn't it?

I may have mentioned a gazillion times that I packed 99% of our stuff and that I was the one that was going to have to deal with all of the process of the move; pretty much from start to finish. (I'm still a work in progress on the finish.) Hubs had a pretty good During this time frame I was stressed to the max and had no clue what I was doing, even though I've done the move thing 6 times now, it still felt like the first. It's even harder when your moving a hundred plus miles away into a brand new town and you've only been to that town once. All the other moves were within my familiar towns and the move from TX to OK hubs handled 100%..and we barely had any crap to take with us.

Here's where I admit my stupidity. I should have been smart and googled the directions just in case I became over stressed and not a single land mark looked familiar when I got here. I also should have really started throwing a lot of crap away sooner and sold/gave away sooner. (That's a bit of back ground info for you.)

Thursday night I started going crazy on packing everything else that was essential..after all movers were coming at 9AM 10:30ish. Sleep was a bit restless.

Friday was actually a breeze. The movers did all the work and were done in 4 hours. The truck was packed to capacity to my discretion. There was stuff left and a lot of it was headed to the trash. There was just no need for it in my mind...of course it was all of hubs stuff so obviously is wasn't "important". I did play fair and only threw away a quarter of it and told hubs when he comes down on Sunday to finish up, he could go through it and throw the rest in the garbage heap. That didn't happen, you can probably guess the outcome on that situation. I'll give you a hint; it required renting another moving truck.
The truck was scheduled to leave out on Sat. morning. We had nothing to sleep on except the floor. I told my parents they should get a hotel room and the boys and I would sleep on the old futon mattress that was scheduled for the trash heap. My mother is as stubborn as they come and tells me her favorite place to sleep is on the floor and that dad would be fine sleeping upright in a chair. Hubs even offered to pay for their room and yet she refused and dad just goes along with her. SIGH!
I slept very little. Hubs was already in Big D and decided to stay so he could meet the movers. I slept on the floor next to the boys on the futon. The dog used my head as a pillow. 3:30 am came around and I ceased the open space on the futon where Wonderboy had somehow rolled on the floor. The dog also seemed to find a open futon space. I so would have taken a picture of our sleeping acrobatics but it was 330. Sleep for us all was very little.

Oh and somewhere in there I had chicken fried steak at my favorite chicken fried steak place for my birthday. I feel really neglected that we didn't even get a cake. Like Bossyboy mentioned "It's not a birthday with out cake." So I am going to re attempt to make that Red Velvet cake again this weekend. This time I will feel all housewifey in my awesome new modern kitchen. Die ugly 1970s kitchen! I just thought I'd throw this last part in randomly.

To be continued.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I hope you are planning to take pictures of your new amazing place - especially that kitchen. So I can live vicariously through you and pretend I don't myself have an ugly 1970s kitchen (because I totally do).

Can't wait to hear the rest!

Lawanda said...

I am jealous because I still don't have a kitchen!! haha

So .... waiting on part 2 now.... ;)

Anonymous said...

If you are up for a trip to Oklahoma on Oct. 25th I am sure I could talk Shiela into a red velvet cake for you! Plus you could come to Gracie's birthday party.



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