Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I May Not Need Regular T.V. After All

We're still in our "No Regular T.V. Hiatus" I admit I am going a little stir crazy. I was thinking about it the other day and we really had the T.V. on primarily for background noise. We never really had a regular night of actual must see T.V. viewing. The T.V. would mindlessly be on and we would flip around forever until we landed on a random show that we both would agree to watch. I really don't think we've missed to much.
I was contacted by the nice people at Fancast to review their site which houses a nice varied selection of shows to watch online. Here's a little blurb about their site:
On consumers get instant access to the best TV, movie and entertainment information available, including free full length videos from top networks and movie studios. Fancast houses more than 4,500 hours of streaming free full length content, and more than 5,600 episodes from more than 100 video providers including top networks and movie studios. In addition, Fancast offers a download store for consumers to rent or purchase movie and television content.

I was impressed with the wide selection of T.V. shows from old to new. Anything from Adams Family to The Office they had. I was actually surprised they had this season's Office ready to watch. I was able to get caught up on what I've missed. I'm also looking forward to checking out shows that I haven't seen yet, like Samantha Who.
Your profile allows you to build a favorites library and it gives you a schedule overview of what new episodes are added. I also liked that they had the latest "buzz news" of popular entertainment clips, like the latest SNL Weekend Update skit. They also listed certain categories that may be of interest for the current time, such as scary movies for Halloween.
The commercial interruption was minimal and quick, which I appreciated, yet understand that someone's gotta pay for my free viewing.
The few disappointments I had, was the movie selection wasn't as great as it could be, but I also think most people are into online viewing more for T.V. shows than for movies. One thing that did throw me off, was they had a listing for Juno in the movies category and I was ready to settle in to watch Juno; when come to find out it was a behind the scenes thing and not the full movie. I think it should have been listed under the Movie Trailers or Clips category. That's just my humble suggestion.
Overall I thought it was a good site for those of us who want to catch a quick T.V. show online and don't have access to actual T.V. (like me). I also think it's a great way to check out new shows that you aren't sure about but have heard good things about. I'm usually one of those skeptics who want to see it but doesn't want to get sucked in.

Check out Fancast, watch a few oldies but goodies and some newby shows. Then head over to their sweepstakes, where you can test out your T.V. trivia and possibly win some great prizes.

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