Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Whine From The Box Pile

1 week to go and it seems there is no end in sight to the packing. It's all the little crap that is needed but not important and you wouldn't miss it until weeks later when your wondering; "where did I put the cheese grater?"

It's getting to the point where I'm just throwing random stuff in boxes. Pots and pans, saran wrap and foil stuff all fit perfectly in the box with the kids state quarter collection (it just happened to be in the kitchen at the time). The boxes are slowly dwindling down and I still have more to pack. A space for everything I say.

The fear now is that not everything is going to fit in the one giant moving van and our two vehicles. This will mean I would have to make another trip. I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE ANOTHER TRIP. It's a good 130 miles one way. I'm trying to devise a plan of what I should do. Stay after everything is packed and clean while throwing everything and anything else in site away, then leave late in the night or just clean as they are loading stuff up and hope for the best that everything fits.
I really want to go because I have control issues and need to direct traffic at the new house so I can have the furniture arranged how I want it. Hubs is clueless. He'd have the couches all aligned against one wall and the recliners lined against the other. We actually had an all out fight the last move because of this very idea. Of course I won. Funny enough, a few weeks later he admitted that my arrangement was much better.

The house is in such disarray that I really am just overwhelmed and obviously whiny. I do apologize.

The move lady is supposed to come by tomorrow and give us an estimate. This means she is going to walk through my disaster of a house. I'm not thrilled about this but at the same time I don't really care.

This is also my birthday week. Friday I turn the big 3 1. Hubs has had sinus issues all weekend and has been a big baby. Needless to say between fetching whatever he needs and packing, I'm a wee bit tired. I wouldn't dare use the "birthday card" to tell him that he's supposed to be pampering me; because he'll throw the "I just got you a house card". So I'm staying on the down low about my birthday for now. Plus my parents are coming this next weekend to get in the way help out and since my mom and I share a birthday, it's imperative that they come down.

Enough whine for today. I feel a little better.


Lawanda said...

Oh I feel for ya! Moving is SO HARD!!! Good luck chicka! :)

Krista said...

Happy Birthday!!!

You know what I just realized while reading this? (the birthday was a reminder) I've been reading your blog for just about a year now, maybe a little more! How fun!


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