Friday, September 26, 2008

BooMama's To Do

**Before Section**
I've got to accomplish one gigantic goal tomorrow and I need something or someone to hold me accountable for my actions and figured BooMama's challenge was the place to do it. Cause who wouldn't want tens of hundreds of people check in on you and actually see what it is you plan to do and if you actually carry it through?

Anyways so my one gigantic goal is to clean out the jungle that is my garage. I have so much junk stuff in there, that there's not even a clear path to walk from one side to the other. I wish I were kidding. Most of it is boxes and boxes of old clothes, baby stuff..seeing as how my baby is 4 and another baby in the near future will be next to immaculate. I'm thinking it can all go now.

Since the kids are gone and I have all day off tomorow hubs and I are going to tackle it and do it. Gulp.. yes I may even sneak in one quick before shot...but I warn you it won't be pretty.

Check out everyone else's plan and then come back say July 25th and see how we all faired.


I'm going to keep the updates all on one post cause I just can.

Here's the disaster that is my garage:

Most of it was empty boxes that hubs was afraid to throw away as something might need to be taken back. The rest was old clothes, toys, and trash.

I'm halfway there.

Did I mention it is hotter than blue blazes outside? This makes it a hundred times hotter in the garage. Not Fun

Did I mention I did this half by myself? Not that I'm bragging or anything.

Most of the rest of this stuff is hubs. Once he goes through what he wants to get rid of- which will be none of it, than we can tackle getting it organized.
The main important thing I have to do is take all the stuff I loaded up in the 'burb and make sure it gets to Good Will, otherwise I would have defeated the purpose by moving junk somewhere else.
We I am going to work some more on it tonight when it's actually somewhat more bearable outside. May the force be with me.

**After Section**

Thank goodness Boo Mama is a procrastinator like me and gave us some extra time.
In that time frame some exciting news occurred. My hubs got a new job and were moving in a week. Nothing says hurry up and clean up the garage like a move.

Since we are moving the main priority now was to get rid of trash, and give stuff away to good will or garage sale it. I divided each side of the garage into three sections. The far right wall so far is all packed boxes ready to move. The back wall which you can't see is trash and the left side is garage sale/good will. I hope this part will be clear by the weekend.

There was no help from the hubs on this project..something called working 150 miles away gives him an excuse. Just between you and me I threw a lot of trash away, but left just enough for him to feel like I did leave trash for him to "go through". I don't think he'll miss much.


Anonymous said...

WOW..the before picture looks like my basement.

groovyoldlady said...

Mercy, my hubby the neat nut would have heart failure if he saw this ! (Which is why I have a few secret spots for stashing "stuff") :D

So, did you get it all done...and have you maintained it? I always find maintaining the difficult part of organizing!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

OK...kudos to you for taking on such a project!

And I have to admit, I'm like your husband. I save boxes all the time. Just in case...

k and c's mom said...

Great job!

CPT Mom said...

Great job!

Rose said...

That is a ton of work! I was laughing about your last comment-- leaving him just enough to go through! That is priceless!


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