Friday, September 26, 2008

Zoo Hours Of Operation

Keeping a zoo of any kind is a 7 day a week 24 hours a day process. My own personal zoo operates the same way.

The morning starts between 6 and 7 am when the ferocious lion roars outside my window. After roaming the streets all night he's ready to come in for breakfast and start his 12 plus hour nap. The ferocious lion and wussy wolf are then fed.

The zoo keeper than arises to shower and dress to begin her day. She than must wake up the 3 wild monkeys to get them ready for their brain enrichment exercises to help keep them occupied so they don't feel so caged up in their habitat.

Normally at this point the zoo keeper would then be off to her real job so she could feed and clothe and cage these beasts, now she leaves that up to the zoo CFO. The zoo keeper is now a full time volunteer. Since she loves these zoo animals so much she doesn't mind doing it for no pay.. at least for now, we'll see how her sanity holds up.
During the day the zoo keeper now cleans out the zoo cages (those monkeys can sure make a mess of things) prepares their dinner and at this point in time has been packing up this zoo to move to a new one. She also tries to entertain the baby monkey who pretty much entertains himself.

3PM time to tame the wild animals in the car pool line, just to pick up the other two monkeys.
The monkeys are pretty crazy at this point and ready to swing from the rafters after having brain enrichment all day. We try to get outside and let them swing from the trees or whatever else they can monkey around on.

Feeding time at our zoo is pretty hectic. The frenzy begins and it's every monkey for himself as they fear their next main meal may not be until breakfast.

Between 6-8PM more brain enrichment for 1 wild monkey which also means brain enrichment for the zookeeper too.

8-30 Time to wrangle some monkeys for a bath and bed. The keeper closes them up in their cage for the night.

9PM Time to let the ferocious lion out for his evening roam.

10PM Zoo is closed.

This has been blog blast brought to you by the fine folks at Parent Bloggers Network and they are partnering with The San Diego Zoo to promote their new product IKnow Animals Letters & Sounds.

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Heidi said...

Ha! What a great twist!!! You are so right on the whole Zoo Keeper thing!
Oh, and I am so sad to see that boys don't outgrow that whole, not standing still and smiling into the camera thing. What's up with that?


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