Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Meme

A Monday meme is all my brain can really handle right now; besides I believe the blog reading public has a right to know the answers to these pressing questions.

1. Where do you fold your laundry? I fold right as I take them out of the dryer into the laundry basket. So the problem with laundry is not the folding part but indeed the putting away. My dream house will have a laundry room steps away from the bedrooms. I hate hate lugging baskets up and down the stairs. I don't know why this isn't a no brainer when building houses. Probably because men are mainly the ones building houses...ahem
I will say that the new house's laundry room will be much closer to the least I think so.

2. Must you be sure the dishes are washed before you go to bed each night? The problem is no amount of dishes will ever be done in my house, even after I go to bed. My hubs is a night owl and therefore a night owl must have second dinner. The dishes are never done man.

3. Do you use caller id to screen your calls? Always. If I don't know the number, 9 times out of 10 it won't be answered. It's a pain in the butt to stop everything I'm doing to find the phone to check the ID, only to find it's a Unknown number.

4. Do you let the low fuel light come on in your car before you fill up? No,I'm way to paranoid. A little less than a quarter of a tank is way past my comfort zone. I'm curious if anyone out there in blog land is having issues with the gas shortage? So far no problems here..knock on wood.

5. Are you a registered voter? Yes and here's my dilemma; the cut off for registration is the 6th. That's Monday. This could be quite a challenge as I will just be freshly moved in a town I have no clue where anything is, much less where the drivers license place/voter registration place is. Something tells me I may miss the vote for the first time ever. Thing is I'm so on the fence so much that it may be best just to let it go this time. I did want it to be a teaching tool for the boys though.

6. Breakfast for dinner is one thing, but can you eat dinner for breakfast? I've had pizza for breakfast before. I don't see sitting down and eating chicken fried steak, potatoes and green beans for breakfast. That's a bit to heavy for me for breakfast.

7. Do you click on the ads you see on people’s blogs? Only on accident. Sorry guys!

8. Do you just want to yell at smokers who are clearly standing within 50ft of the door at a restaurant? It's annoying yes..but 50 feet that's still quite a ways away, it's not like I'm going to be hanging around to long to be overly bothered.

...I can't leave this Meme at 8 so I added in a few others from another Meme. Obviously I have issues Thanks Jen for the help ;0...

9. What did you have for breakfast today? I had toast and jelly. We are scraping the bottom of the food barrel at WM247. I haven't done a full grocery shop in a month. I'm trying to keep it that way until we get moved. I have no clue what will be for breakfast tomorrow as I have no bread, no cereal, milk, and the malt o meal is boxed away. I'm thinking maybe Ramen...that I have plenty of :(.

10. What about your life today would surprise your teenage self? That's a pretty deep one. I think the biggest thing would be that I live so far from my family and friends. I always just assumed I'd live close. Everything else I don't believe I'd be to overly shocked about. I used to write future letters to myself in my journal. It certainly helps to jog the ol memory on the little things I've done as a teen.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I totally understand the trying not to buy new food before the move thing, totally makes sense and it gets totally nerve wracking after awhile. But it'll all be over soon!!

The Mom said...

I copied your meme! Thanks!


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