Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blessed Are Those Who Know Not The Indian Taco

I am back and ready for full time blogging all day all night..maybe not quite, but I am back. I skimmed through your posts just to catch up but didn't stop to comment. I'm starting all a fresh.

Many of you..well all of you commented about this new fangled fair food thing the Indian taco. It certainly must only be an Okie thing,it's been around here forever.

Picture if you will the fried type breading of a funnel cake minus the powdered sugar and minus being drizzled into the fryer with a funnel. It's basically a flat fried bread that's bigger than a paper plate; piled high with chili beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onion. Top it off with Dan's (he's the Indian taco dude, only Dan's will do) hot sauce and you've got yourselves an Indian taco.

I'm telling you it's way better than anything on a stick that's fried. Though I would like to try a fried cheesecake on a stick...that just sounds like heaven in itself.

I have seriously contemplated buying a concession trailer and figuring out the whole fried bread process, which I'm sure is not hard, and doing Indian tacos in Texas. I think I would make a killing, just simply for the fact that it's not something fried on a stick and it's just different. Then I snapped out of my daydream as the whole idea would require lots and lots of work.

Of course I didn't think to snap a picture of it for the blog as I was anxious to dive in.

There you go my friends a post on the greatest fair food ever, The Indian Taco.


Anonymous said...

You lucky girl you...you got to eat an Indian Taco!


Lawanda said...

Yum! that does sound good!! :)

Heidi said...

Never heard of it until now. You are right, TX would be the place to go with that. Yum, then stop by Indiana so I can sample.

Anonymous said...

OK..now I need an Indian Taco


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