Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Coast Is Clear

Thank you all for your concerns and prayers.
Hubs stayed at home for hurricane/tropical storm watch out and only a very large limb fell on the back fence.So Alls well that ends well.
I am currently still at my parent's house on this hamster wheel of an internet. It's killing me to even attempt to blog myself much less read anybody Else's blog.
I'm planning to go ahead and stay through Tuesday. The OK State Fair is on and home girl needs an Indian Taco like no body's business. They don't have such things at any Texas fair. I haven't had an Indian taco in well over 10 years. I'm over due. I figure the kids will have a semi home school field trip even though they are technically not out of school yet. Oh well.
The plan for now is that the boys are going to stay through the week at grandma's while I head down to Big D to help hubs look for a house. We figure this would be as good an opportunity as any to give us plenty of time to look while the boys stay with the grandparents. It makes house hunting really difficult when kids are in school all day and the house location is a hundred plus miles away, makes getting back on time tricky. Late in the evening house hunting will be our only option, when hubs gets off of work and that would put bedtime really late for the boys.
I'm sure this rambling made total sense.
I hope to be back to posting Wednesday or Thursday, you know when I "borrow" hubs' laptop and have a much faster connection.
Miss you all!


KC said...

So glad all is well that ends well. Good luck with the house hunting.. Hope you find something.

Anonymous said...

I am heading home today. Michael was able to get us a plane ticket. So enjoy your Indian Taco! I will have to try for next year. Who knows we may have to evcacuate for a hurricane next September.


mysecondjournal said...

I never had or heard of an Indian this is something you get anywhere in OK?
Looking for a house after a big rain is a great can look for water damage..
Have fun!!

Lawanda said...

Indian Taco? Sounds YUM! :-D

I am so glad you have very little damage. I bet the boys will enjoy that field trip!!!! :)

Enjoy your time away from blogland! ;)


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