Monday, August 25, 2008

We Survived The First Day Of School

I'm exhausted but feel compelled to tell you our adventures of the first day of school. Because this could possibly be the last first day of school we have for a while. At least as the tentative plan is now, since we plan to do the home school thing.
First off I have to say just for myself that I had no feeling of anxiety about the kids starting their first day and me trying to find our new office location and figure out exactly where I was supposed to go. No anxiety whatsoever until I had to do pick up. I just needed that proverbial pat on the back. No drugs required either. Normally I'm in freak out mode starting the night before.
The plan for the rest of our journey here, is that I will be taking off early to pick the boys up from school. I've never done the car pool routine before so this was going to be an interesting adventure. I took off a little bit earlier today to stop off at the county tax office to renew my tag which expired. I was putting this off because I'm going to have get a new one in a new county when we move. For some reason hubs is paranoid I'll get a ticket. What ev, doesn't he know I'm a girl and would try and cry my way out? Not really, I've never actually gotten a ticket ever. Knock on wood...oh crap I probably just jinxed myself.
Anywho I got delayed at the tax office (imagine that) and had to race over to Wonderboy's school. I got there in the nick of time because they were about to load him on a bus... wtfudge? The thing was I signed no paper work for him to ride the bus. This is the special ed bus that, had they taken him to my house, there would have been no adult home to take him. The S.E. bus people don't like that to much. I would have flipped if he would have gotten on the bus and them not letting me know about it. HE HAS NEVER RIDDEN THE BUS HOME EVER. So I don't know where they got that info, since I specifically e-mailed his teacher; who he's had for the past 3 years what the plan was. She acknowledged my e-mail.
If I would have been 5 minutes late, I would have missed him. Thank you God I was picking him up today. Had he gotten on the bus, no telling how long he would have been MIA. Our phones at work were all crazy messed up from the move. My extension had also changed. The bus garage being able to contact me would have been probably unsuccessful. Then what would they have done? Call C in Dallas, they wouldn't have gotten a hold of him on his old cell, which was the work cell. Called my parents in OK? Oh that would have gone over real well. My mom would have had a heart attack. Knowing her she would have hopped on a plane just to come get him and then have another heart attack trying to find me. Luckily the BoysGirlsClub lady was there to deter this crazy teacher from him getting on the bus. Whew one crises averted.

I was dreading picking up Gameboy at his school. I just knew I'd be sitting in this non ending carpool lane. Surprisingly, since he's "older" they let them wait outside after a certain time after 3. The line went really quick. SWEET! No parents going postal in the car pool lane today. Of course everyone's always polite the first day.

Once we got home and had a bit of a snack and defragged, it was time to take the boys back to school shopping. What, you don't go b2school shopping on the first day of school? The thing was, my wonderful MIL bought Gameboy several jeans and tops that he can't wear to a school that requires a certain solid colored shirt/kahki pants. I exchanged what he couldn't wear and finally was able to get them a few new clothes for school.
I thought about how they absolutely had no care in the world that they were wearing last year's school clothes today. Had it been me at 9, I would have died knowing that I wasn't wearing new clothes on the first day. If you ladies (and guy..maybe) are anything like me, you layed out the most newest outfits the first few days and then each sequential newer outfit after that, leaving the oldest for dead last or when the new clothes weren't clean yet. I admit I still do it mentally to this day.
It just goes to show you that boys really don't sweat the small stuff.

Not to forget Bossyboy, since I'm under parental obligation to ensure that every child of mine is blogged evenly. He started pre-school today at his daycare. Such a little big boy. He did great. He didn't ask to be carried once while going through the maze of classrooms to find Gameboy's new class. I think he was a bit overwhelmed. I think it was the "magic feather" back pack that made him think he's a big boy and big boy's walk. Something we've been struggling with lately. When he's your last baby, I treasure those last secure holdings. I'm sure it looks odd carrying around a lanky 4 year old who weighs almost 40 pounds. Oh well.

Thank you for enduring this never ending ramble. Here's a pic of my over excited it's the first day crew. The pic didn't turn out so great. I blame that it was to early to photograph coherently.
The excitement is just overflowing


Anonymous said...

Wow! Home school! You're so brave. Tyler wouldn't listen to me for anything, I tried to teach him "stuff" after I got my teaching certificate, he didn't take me seriously for a second. I think I'd take the year off and be a SAHM first :) !!!

Heidi said...

Exhausted, that's what I feel after this post and I wasn't even there. I would have freaked out about the bus thing. You handled things like a pr.

Michelle said...

Such an animated first day! We have our first day next week, but i have already begun tearing up everytime I think about it. And we are going to have a bus envolved in our plans! Glad everyting turned out okay!


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