Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Few Notes Of Randomness..Only Just A Few

This weekend as been a little bit hectic for my typical weekend. Here's just a few tidbits of my random mind in progress. Don't you feel privileged to read how my mind works?
-I had to entertain my folks and MIL this weekend. Not that it was a bad thing. I have a draft post of how my MIL's visit went. I'm deciding if I want to post it or not. It's a little bit of a jabbing at her.

-The boys start school tomorrow. Usually I get a little anxious for them (empathy nerves) but not really this time. There's going to be some interesting schedule changes in the next few weeks. Tomorrow will be the true test of how it all works out.

-Hubs is still in love with his job and company. The traffic hasn't set him sour yet. Which is a good thing, being it just a week and all.
A couple of random facts about this company just so you know: The president of the company does not sit in his office. He is right out amongst the sea of cubicles like everyone else. He wants his employees to know he is always open for their ideas and wants to be available to them. (Did I mention that before?) If you guys have seen pics of downtown Dallas or driven by, you know that big building with the ball on top? Hubs company helped design that building. Pretty sweet huh? Not that I'm bragging or anything.

-I have been trying to form some kind of organized chaos in the garage. You remember my after pic of the garage and how it looked so much better? Yeah sure you do. Anyway it looks all disheveled again, but in a good way. I've got loads of trash, more stuff for Good Will and a whole section for C's stuff waiting to be placed in the trash it's proper place. C's stuff will eventually be the only thing left in that garage. I told him he was going to have to deal with that part.

-Hubs and I have a different opinion on how to pack. His method is just throw it all in a box and go through it when we move. I of course do it the right way by sorting purge, giveaway, throwaway. The tons of stuff I've been going through in the garage 90% of it was stuff packed by my hubs almost 4 years ago. Have we missed 80% of that stuff since? No. I did find the top of my spaghetti tupperware container, a few old dvds and some dog toys from our previous dog. I am a good wife and threw the other 15% in C's pile. The rest was trash or put in a box to shred.

-I'm totally lying when I say this but I will anyway. I must get a start on the packing and there for must hold back on the blogging. I'll do what I can at know when I'm on break..cough cough.

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