Saturday, August 23, 2008

Too Un Cool For School

The pre-teen years are an akward age for anyone. I was by far the queen of pre teen akward. Braces- check. Pimply face- check. Bad Perm- check. Skinny and lanky- check. Yeah I was all that and then some.

The first day of Jr. High was by far one of my worst experiences. Not so much the fact that I could have been thrown in a locker by some big shot freshmen. Though I did have a locker that was probably 50 years old and jammed shut, which may have prevented said freshmen from jamming me in one. Plus the fact they were split lockers so it would have been more difficult to shove me in.

The first day of Jr High I woke up extra early due to the fact I couldn't sleep, probably from fear of being stuffed in a locker. Also because we had to catch the bus at the crack of dawn to start school at 7:30.
I decided that I needed to start the first day of school off right by breaking out the new razor. Cause all the cool 12 year old girls need to shave; ecspecially when heading to Jr. High.
To say I looked like a victim from a slasher movie is an under statement. Amatuer shaving will give that impresion. I did the best I could on the clean up and used a good 10 band aids. Sexxae.

Why is it that someone can ask what did you do last weekend and I can't recall anything, but what I wore on the first day of Jr. High, I can visualize as if it were today. I thought my new outfit was going to be perfect. A purple and white striped shirt with a white overall skort looking thing. No I didn't have that issue, but I am certain with the clarity and knowledge I have now of the color white plus thin material equals see through. I just wish I could recall what color underwear I had, maybe I don't want to remember.

The main problem I had through out the day was keeping the overall straps up. No matter the see through, I was mostly concerned about the straps and kept pulling them up. By the end of the day I gave up and just let them hang down. Oh yeah I had the un-cute thing going.
I will admit that I surrived the first day with out any hassle.

The one other thing I remember most about that day is the realization that if you want to actually be able to eat lunch with in your 30 minute time period; that you will run not walk to the cafeteria and to not even think about stopping at your jammed locker to dump off your books. I learned that the hard way. No time for lunch for you.

This has been a first day of school post brought to you by the fine folks of Hanes and the Parent Bloggers Network.


Anonymous said...

I would never go back to the horrible days of junior high. I do my best block out those awful memories! Have you ever wondered why our parents let us dress and fix our hair the way we did?

Anonymous said...

thank goodness 6th grade was same ole same ole for me.. I was in Cathlic School K-8.. no lockers or anything like that..and you went together to eat. We didn't have as much independance...then catholic all girls hs.. at least we still had the uniforms. :-)


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