Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Storms A Comin

Please again forgive me, as I must defrag my brain by posting about this crazy move at work. This may be ranty and lengthy.

I may have mentioned that a whole heck of a lot has been going on this week. The office move was one of them. It's been pure hellzaba.
Let me first start off with the phone system as that is the giant issue were having right now. Without going into great detail, here is one of the many basic issues- Our phone system consists of 2 (actually more but for simple purposes I'm using 2) queues. One for Tech Support and the other for Customer Service. We aren't able to transfer calls from one queue to the other. This makes for a real pain in the you know what.

What happens now is we send over an e-mail to the other department to call or some people sneak over a transfer directly to an extension. The transfer people are going to have their eye balls gauged out by Friday. The problem is, there is no sort of order or "line" of who should be called first. This also means that some people are not doing their share by calling people back.

I must discuss the main transfer offender. This person is the receptionist. She has been transferring every single call for CS to me. I AM NOT THE ONLY CSR IN THE DEPARTMENT. She transfers them even when I am already on a phone call. My phone rings in my ear while I'm talking to someone. This makes friendly customer service rep very cranky. I know it's her because A: I can see who transferred it on the phone and B. She blatantly admitted it to my supervisor and said "Oh she looked like she wasn't doing anything." I think she has some vendetta on me and possibly wants me to up and quit my job earlier than intended..or not. I sit literally 10 feet away from her and she sits in her crows nest just watching me, waiting for me to slack off for one half second.
My supervisor did finally tell her to lay off the transfers and that she should e-mail the requests like everyone else. Did she comply? Sorta. Now she takes their name and number and instead of e-mailing it to the department, she sends it straight to me. So I give up.

On top of all of this, a Storm Is A Comin. Whatever storm What's It's name is that's down in Cuba (can you tell my care and concern factor is on the empty side) and coming toward the Gulf is causing EVERYBODY TO PANIC. This is because they believe that the phones will asplode with calls and WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE. Not really but that's the atmosphere around here. This all also means that there's a slight possibility that I may have to work Labor Day. This makes me really cranky.
When the phones asplode it also means storm time, storm hours, and blah blah blah. My planned last day is the 12th. I must hold on until the 12th. I must also hold strong and not cave in to the bossmans begging and pleading with me to stay a little bit longer. Not gonna do it. No more work past the 12th.

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