Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday 13 Songs Randomly Placed In My Head This Week

This is late but I don't care dang it, I've been working on this all week...
When I least expect it, a song can pop in my head out of no where. The song doesn't even have to be playing, just a random word or phrase can instantly set me to singing some variation of a song. My hubs loves to torture me and just start saying a phrase from a song, knowing good and well it will get in my head.

A list of 13 songs that have just randomly popped in my head this week. I'm actually afraid to do this list as I know one of these songs will get stuck...again

1. The Love Boat theme song-I kid you not. I woke up Tuesday morning getting in the shower with this song. Let's just say I had one of those moments. This is where my whole idea for T13 started.

2. White and Nerdy by Weird AL- If you haven't seen the video you should; if anything to see Donny Osmond get his groove thing on. The hilarity will ensue.

3. I Dont Want To Be Lonely Any Mark Anthony -I honestly can't explain it

4. Electric Youth- Debbie..ahem I mean Deborah Gibson

5. A few random Catholic hymms that I probably haven't heard in years. I've always got one of those in my head.

6. While I'm mentioning songs of worship-Awesome God by Michael W Smith, this one also is a frequent singsong head stucker. I think of it as my mini way of praising him.

7. The Hair Brush Song-You know the one..don't even tell me you don't know.

8. Free Credit Report. com- Please tell me that this advertisement plays over and over where you live?

9. Summer Time by who else but NKOTB- I'm sorry... not really

10. Amazing Grace -I was calling a client and this was their ringtone. Yes I broke out and started singing it out know; where other people around me are working.

11. Some how some random bit of Eminiem got in my brain. I can't even tell you what song. It entered my brain out of the blue and left just that fast. I'm sure someone said one word and it got me started. That's all it takes.

12. I have to add White and Nerdy again. I've been keeping this list all week and this one comes back hundreds of times.

13. The Higgly Town Hero song -Please save me from my sanity!


Lawanda said...

roflol! My 13 yo is constantly breaking into White and Nerdy!

We all break out in hymns about 5 times a day. ;)

And I get some Eminem stuck in my head from random things people say too! LOL :-D

Anonymous said...

this was a funny post! Michael is always singing some song out loud. the problem is that it is the same line over and over agian. he drives me crazy. the is a regular around here.


Anonymous said...

I think I am SO lucky to not know the credit report or the hair brush song..right?

Michelle said...

Just stumbling throught the blogosphere and I just had to say that I KNOW the hairbrush song! It would definately end up on my list of songs too! (The whole family always sings the credit report song!)


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