Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How To Get Your Husband Interested In a Chick Flick

My husband is a typical male that would rather have his nose hair plucked one by one than watch a chick flick. Not that he has a lot of nose hair, I'm just saying.
Since I'm the only girl in the house and don't really have any chick flick friends to watch them with, poor hubs is forced to watch with me.

The following are guaranteed things in a chick flick to get your my husband to actually appear somewhat interested.

Your pretty much on your own in the initial begging and pleading to get him to actually begin watching the movie with you. The one trick I have up my sleeve for this, is to plan it on a night when there's nothing on T.V. Bonus points if his computer is in the living room where he has no other choice but to be chained to his desk chair to watch the movie but can still pretend to be doing something else.

You must first actually watch the movie to make double sure it is one you know he'd be half way interested in.

An interesting plot line that is not predictable is key. One that is just mindless romance with a hunky guy in it won't fly. If he's actually asking questions about the ending before it ends, you know you've captured his attention.

Witty humor for sure. This one is easily noticeable when he laughs out loud while pretending to be uninterested and doing something else.

A rocking sound track, that.. you guessed it.. rocks. This one's pretty obvious. If he starts singing out loud, you know you've got him sold.

An actor or actress he actually likes - doesn't have to be the main star. This does not mean a hunky popular actor that looks really awesome with out a shirt. Keep that kind for yourself when your alone...I'm just sayin

So far these few items seem to work on hubs. I actually begged him to watch Juno the other day, and after much gnashing of teeth and resistance in the beginning he actually liked it. Though don't ever tell him I said that cause he would never admit to it.

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Anonymous said...

Good strategies! Hubby and I have totally different taste in movies, and we end up switching off on who gets to pick- which means that I have to watch the occasional bloody gory movie... but my trick is to let him pick on the nights that I'm really tired and know that I'll fall asleep soon!

(Saw you through the round up on Island Life! I'll be back!)

Jen E said...

So true! My husband liked Juno, too, although it isn't necessarily chick flicks he has an aversion to, he just doesn't love movies the way I do, so getting him to admit it isn't a huge problem, just getting him to sit down in the first place!

MoziEsmé said...

I'll have to try some of these!


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