Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Unsatisfied Customer Service Letter Day

Dear Taco H E Double Hockey Sticks,
I decided to patron your facility today to grab myself and husband some lunch. The drive-thru was crazy busy so I decided going inside would probably be best. I was wrong.
The line was long inside, yet I decided to stick with you since I was already there. After placing my order and waiting (a very long time), I noticed several different customers complaining of their order being messed up or that the wait was way to long or some peoples number completely skipped. Yet I preserved. Once the line had finally died down, those of us who were in that line were still waiting on our order. As we waited I noticed a couple of young gentlemen come in and talk to their buddy behind the counter. Within 3 minutes they got their "order" from their buddy and were on their merry way, while the rest of us remained waiting. Not cool. Due to the excessive wait, I was unable to drop my husbands lunch off to him as I had to get back to work. Not cool. Though I appreciate that my order was at least right, however next time, I'd like a little nacho bel grande with my sour cream. Please and thanks!
Your Unsatisfied Customer,

Dear Dr Optician,
I realize that your the "best" in East Texas when it comes to fixing kids eye balls. Therefore I realize that the wait will be excessive. I have had many a wait before at your fine eye place. Today however took the cake on excessive and wait. We showed up at 2:30 which was actually early. I know I should never come early. We finally got "in" at almost 4. The optician assistant went through the normal rigmarole and then placed us back out in the waiting room for another hour plus wait to see your heiness. I understand you apologized for the wait over and over. I just wanted to let you know that it doesn't thrill me to finally get out of there at 5:30, especially when I have two taxi runs left. Sorry to tell you but time is a precious commodity for me and this visit was quite wasted. Why would you command us to see you again with in two months appointment only to tell us your going to delay eye surgery for Wonderboy another 6 months? It just don't make sense. We totally were under the impression from the last visit (2months ago) that surgery would be scheduled for summer.
Anyways thanks doc for allowing me to catch up on my book.
Seriously doc, you might want to check into that whole overbooking thing. You've plenty o money and are not hurting.

Dear Greasy Hut,
It's a Wednesday night and I was tired from sitting around for 3 hours doing nothing and hubs was really craving pizza since he missed lunch. I didn't realize that Wednesdays were crazy busy nights for you guys. It took you way over an hour to deliver the pizza and with that it was barely warm. When I order from Daddy Murphys, online mind you, I get my pizza pretty darn quick and it's hot!
You might want to check into that whole Internet thing, it could revolutionize your business.
Thanks for the greasy, luke warm pizza, an hour and half later.

Obviously today was not customer appreciation day for me.


Audrey said...

I found you through the MommyFest site. Though it was over weeks ago, I'm still reading blogs and enjoying meeting others.

These letters are a riot. I can relate to each one of them. Sad that customer service today is so poor :(

Krista said...

I hope tomorrow's better!

Anonymous said...

The eye doctor...THAT should seriously be addressed..that is just STUPID...

Fast food..meh..not surprised.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh my goodness - I guess you did have a rotten day, customer-service-wise! I would forward your post on to all 3 of those companies... :)


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