Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hubs decided to make a blog post request of me.
He said if I actually post it, he may actually read it. Considering I've ticked him off a few times on the blog, I might as well wave the olive branch and honor his request.

Wednesday night is Ghost Hunter night in the house of Working Momma247. Wednesday night is not my favorite night. Any other night anything goes on what we watch if we even really watch anything. Usually were both on the 'puter putering. Cause that's what we do.

Anyways Ghost Hunters is a reality type show where these guys go in and "debunk" ghosts/haunting in various places. We've seen every episode times seven of this show. They try to take a scientific approach on their huntings and sometimes they find paranormal activity and sometimes the people actually are the paranormal.
The Queen Mary for instance is not really haunted. The staff there or someone there play tricks on people to make them think it's haunted. At least from what the Ghost Hunters could find.

I tell you all this because I despise this show. I'm not sure why hubs loves it, but he is fascinated with the paranormal so there you go. I will admit that Wednesdays are my most productive night for getting things done or started...sometimes. Anything to avoid watching 3 hours worth of this show. Yes folks 3 hours. They play 2 or 3 reruns and then 1 new show. GAH
In every show they explain what various technical paranormal terms are. Their favorite term is EVP. They define this acronym and what it means in every freakin show. Every single time I have to sigh in disbelief that they have to explain it yet again. If you don't get it just by seeing what their doing, than maybe you shouldn't be watching this show or maybe your a rock.
I don't know why it bugs me so much, it's just one of those weird idiosyncrasies about me. Hubs loves to see me agitated and just gets so tickled at me when he sees me suffering watching this show.
Why he wanted me to share this piece of randomness with you I don't know. I'm sure so that I can broadcast this out for the universe and you guys can snicker at me and call me crazy. I for some reason am perfectly O.K. with that.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon, basically it's a voice recording of a ghost that only picks up on the voice recorder and usually not heard with human ears.

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Krista said...

Okay, I admit, I don't get it. So they're purposesfully trying to record a "ghost" and they have a special recorder that can pick up sounds that we can't hear with our normal ears? Why is this a "phenomenon"?
I don't believe in ghosts. :)


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