Friday, June 6, 2008

Red Velvet Cake If You Don't Please

I am what you would call a amatuar cook, as long as I have a recipe to follow, than 7times out of 10 things turn out ok. Then there's that other 30% that seems to over take the decent undisasters.

Case in point my 30th birthday cake...
Back in the good old days of being a kid my bff L's aunt would make the best red velvet cake on the planet. From what I've heard she still does. /waves at L.
For my 30th birthday I had the need to re live my childhood and make my self this cake.

Here was my dilemma with this cake. Somehow I either lost or threw away my round cake pans and I don't really have any good cake pans. The other aluminum cake pan I have has like some kind of nasty rust thing going inside it. Yet it's the perfect kind of cake pan that A.B. my hero suggests you use. I did not want to expose my family to some kind of rust poisoning. I mean the children are exposed enough to lead paint from their toys.
I decided I would lay the pan out with wax paper and then pour the batter on top. Uh wrong answer! I'm normally not this dysfunctional when it comes to baking. I placed the cake in the oven and not more than 5 minutes of it being in there, I started really having my doubts. I took it out and squigied most of the batter out and in to my casserole baking pan.

The cake looked ok when it was done. I was overly anxious to try it as I was just really craving red velvet cake. I took one small bite and all I could taste was wax. I went ahead and served it to the rest of the family, because I'm loving that way. Nothing says loving like killing your family with wax cake. Well my loving family ate it and either lied and said it was great or they really enjoy that waxy taste in their cake.

C. is really smart when it comes to eating something he hasn't tried before. He didn't get a piece of cake until after my parents had already left for their hotel. Later that night I saw a un eaten piece of cake at hubs desk. I looked at him and said it was nasty wasn't it? I think he gave me a sigh of relief.

I plan to try it again once I get the right pan, and actually use the right recipe this time.

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Lawanda said...

Rofl! That's too bad you never got to satisfy your craving for Red Velvet Cake!

But hey, it sounds like you had a nice birthday even without the red velvet! :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

We have the same letters on our fridge too! :)

laura said...

If you come to Gracie's birthday party then you can ask my Aunt Shiela for her secret Red Velvet recipe. Do you remember how good her cake is? I want some right now just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

Red Velvet is hubby's favorite. His mommy makes it for him :-)

Allison Says said...

Hah! That's fantastic. I love red velvet cake! I'm sorry it didn't turn out so well though ;) Maybe with the right pan and recipe, you'll get it next time!

Check out my kitchen disaster story!

Dana said...

I think that cake is gorgeous like it is! Who needs a round island? A square one is just that much better! ;)

Heidi said...

Why are you making your own birthday cake? Do you need me to come make you a cake? I will do it, you shouldn't make your own, especially if it's going to kll your family.


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