Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Bit of Randomness

I'm putting off a bit a lot of housework to bring you a few random thoughts and clarifications.

-First off sweet Heidi commented about my cake and was threatening to come down and fix me a birthday cake as I shouldn't have had to make my own cake. Let me just say how nice of her, it made me smile..and hubs caught me smiling as I was in a ticky mood. I don't like him to catch me "amused" when I'm mad at him....yeah issues I know. Anyways Heidi, I just wanted to say that my birthday was in October but thanks for the offer! I meant to place a note saying that it was posted back in Oct. Sorry for the confusion.

-Speaking of baking. I made rice krispy treats for the first time ever since being married. Their actually the hubs favorite treat, don't know why I never made them before. The thing about them is they never seem to form a nice solid square after cooling. It's just one gooey mush of krispy and marshmallow. It's good don't get me wrong, just gooey and sticky.

-We got a new DVD player..I know your amused. The one we had was a Wal-mart cheapy and worked ok. We just lost the remote to it and could never play our Scene It Games. We have 3 of them..were kind of addicts. Those games just don't work if you don't have a remote. So we did what any normal American would do and threw it out and bought a new one. We're not gonna throw it out just put in the boys room with their T.V. I swear their spoiled.

The boys and I played Scene It Disney last night and I of course kicked tail, barely. It helps to know the old Disney movies like Pete's Dragon and Bed Knobs And Broomsticks. Loved those movies when I was a kid.

We have a little competition in my department at work on who sells and renews the most contracts. 2nd and 3rd place gets a gift card. Even though I've only been in this department for a little over a month I still was able to "work it" enough to get a Visa gift card. I'm trying to decide what to use it on. So I'm asking you dear readers what you think...if you had a $50 gift card to spend pretty much anywhere what would you spend it on? Don't say gas cause that's boring. :)


Jen said...

I'd spend it on a new outfit (probably wouldn't actually go that far, so maybe just a new top) that doesn't make me look fat.

I'm visiting from All Mediocre, but I just bookmarked you so I don't forget to come back to visit again. :)

Serial Mommy said...

I found your blog through Pioneer Woman, I do that, I read the comments on my fav blogs and then become stalkers of new blogs. Anyway, the rice crispy treat thing, most likely the problem is too much butter. And the gift card, lane bryant, hands down. You have to be a "big" girl (i.e. fat, like me) to go there, but it is one of my fav stores and I can, more often than not, find something I want to take home with me, even if it's just a new bra. Congrats on doing so well at work that you got a gift card.


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