Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do I Love You Enough To..

Hubs and I have been conversing about a future event that I'm dying to go to. You probably have read about me digging up my childhood memories and wanting to see NKOTB. (If you have to click to know what I'm talking might want to just move along..jk)

The thing is, I'm not sure how much I love them enough to pay a lot of money to see them. Yet I would like decent enough seats to you know kiss see them. I'm also trying to talk hubs in to taking me if getting 4 tickets together with a co-worker friend falls through.
Here's the conversation hubs had with Gameboy about this situation as Gameboy overheard hubs saying he didn't know if he loved me enough to go see them with me.

C: Gameboy would you love your mom enough to go see say.. a Strawberry Shortcake concert with her?

...Long deep thought pause...

GB: Uhm I'd go cause I love her and if she really wanted me to go..but I'd have to probably hide my eyes.

Smart answer...his future wife will be one lucky gal.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet boy! I just found out that NKTOB is coming to New Orleans. I am going to try to get tickets. Michael said that NKTOB should pay me to see them in concert. Men just don't get it!

KC said...

awwwwwwwwwww... That gameboy is one smart little guy..

Jen said...

The Strawberry Shortcake story is too funny.

I love NKOTB, or at least I did back in the day. I still can't bring myself to spend that kind of money to see them in concert. Been there, done that. I'll have to settle for watching clips on youtube for now. :)

Serial Mommy said...

That is one sweet boy you've got there. My oldest son has decided that he's never getting married and never having kids, so he doesn't need to worry about loving someone enough to go to NKOTB or Strawberry Shortcake or whatever if he doesn't want to. My hubby's biggest thing is attending family dinners. I make him go, he hates it, it's how it goes every time.


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