Sunday, June 8, 2008

Toothy Truth

Wonderboy lost his second tooth last night while he was in bed. Needless to say he is beyond ecstatic that Mrs T. Fairy is making a visit tonight. His comment this afternoon was "I get to say goodbye tooth and helllooo dollar." Yeah he's a riot around here.

Anyways Gameboy who's a year older than his toothless brother, was asking me about Mrs. Fairy after the other two had gone to bed. He came right out and asked, "Tell me the truth mom, cause I need to know, is the tooth fairy real?" Oh boy here we go. He's asked before and as usual I gave my round about answer..that it's all about the magic and mystery. That seems to have held him this long.

Tonight I threw the question back at him on whether he thought she was real. He answered yes, but I could tell that he was kind of saying it to not really lose the thought of the magic. I told him that Mrs. Tooth is a very busy gal and needs assistance and that I help her out in the WorkingMomma household. He took this answer pretty well.

I'm thinking about waking him up a little bit early and letting him join in on the mystery and magic that is the Tooth Fairy. I think he's reached that age of reason. I think he's ready.
Santa may be a whole 'nother story.

*Updated to add- The Daily Mission Impossible of the Tooth Fairy*
I forgot that Wonderboy is a early riser. As I the tooth fairy entered his bedroom with her stealthy stead at her side, there he was wide eye awake at the crack of dawn. This is where the toothfairy has to think of a quick diversion.
"Mom the toothfairy came, but I can't find the dollar."
Clutching the dollar conspicuously in my hand, I send him to the bathroom. "Look for my dollar" he hollars. "No prob, bud" I say as I throw the dollar on the dresser. "There it is, it was under your book."
Another tooth crises averted for another day.


Serial Mommy said...

This is why we don't do the characters in my house. I don't want to have to later explain why they aren't real and why I've been "lying" to them for so many years. And my kids are the kind that would use the phrase "lying" and then bring up the point that I have always told them not to "lie" and if I were doing it, then I should be in trouble too.

Anonymous said...


I saw you got a nod at the Pioneer Woman this morning..Good Job!!!!!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I've had a couple of 'nervous' moments when doing Tooth Fairy-ish duties so far with Abby. For all that she's a sound sleeper, she does tend to move around a lot while sleeping.

Congrats to WB on the lost tooth - and to you on the quick thinking! :)

Jen said...

I posted about the Tooth Fairy and how much I really don't like the tradition a few weeks ago. Here is the link in case you missed it:

I was in a weird mood that day.


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