Monday, July 21, 2008

Please Tell Me You've Done This Before..

Because I have nothing else other than a listing of randomness which I'm sure you don't want. Here at your request is one of my least one that's somewhat complete and coherent, to a degree. You guys didn't say it had to be good.

Every other month or so, something very insignificant sets me over the edge and I become a blubbering wailing mess and have no real clue why. It doesn't look real cool when the teary blubbery mess over comes you as your trying to pick up your children.

No matter what I did, I just could not get the water works to turn off. When I did try some sort of effort of composure, my eyes were a reddened mess. I get the kids and of course the summer director dude wanted to talk to me and know why I paid a certain amount; when I should have paid $10 more. While desperately trying to remain composed and explain my confusion when reading the paperwork. I could tell that he could tell that confronting me on this was probably not a good time. It really and truly was not a big deal, just bad timing. Of course the waterworks turned on again when I got in the car. ZOMG how could I have miscalculated 60 plus 40..sob...I'm so stupid..WAH!

Have you ever tried to have a meaningful/important conversation with your child about what the word "gay" means and why the kids are always saying "So and so is so gay" all the while your having your own mental issues? Yeah it wasn't pretty. I'm not sure exactly what I said to him about it, but I think the phrase "Not that there's anything wrong with that" was mentioned between sniffles and sobs.

I'm OK for now. I think troubles sleeping here lately and hormones were involved.


Lee Kindler said...

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Krista said...

You mean kind of like what happened to me 5 minutes after I read this? My husband brought me dinner which was hot so I set it on the floor beside me (where I'm sitting, klassy, I know). As I'm trying to stir my noodles some of them slop out on the carpet. I immediately pick them up (while cursing) and throw them back on my bowl. He then goes, "ew, I wouldn't eat that, they've probably picked up all kinds of nasty stuff off the carpet" - which we just had cleaned. So then I try to go pick off the top noodles, but get some bottom ones instead and end up throwing the whole thing in the trash. And there was no more of dinner, just enough for us. If he hadn't said anything I wouldn't have thought twice about eating it. Instead I started bawling and wouldn't let him near me.
Now I'm hungry, but too damn stubborn to eat anything else.

It's been one of those days...

What's up with that comment above???

Biddy said...

dude...hormones SUCK...

just have another glass of wine and shake your groove thing over MP's comment party ;-) it'll make you all better!

Jen said...

Yes, this happens about once a month when the PMS demons come to town to pay a visit. I agree with biddy, wine tends to help ward off them off like garlic or holy water would a vampire. At least for me.

Chel said...

Oh, please. That happens to all of us. In my section at work, I'm the official section cry-er.

And I hate the way kids use that phrase, 'that is sooo gay.' We had to have that discussion already with our eldest. Ugh. Kids.


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