Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We Went To The Zoo How Bout You?

I took the day off to go field trippin with GB. Despite the dooming threat of storms and a looming rat over my head at the cheetah exhibit it was pretty good.
I'm not really sure where the rat came from, all I know is it freaked the other mom I was hanging out with and it was not reassuring that she was literally pointing right above my head. Heebie Jeebies? Yes.
I love our little zoo in getting to big for it's pants medium size town. I used to really love it when it was free. I could sit all day in the elephant look out just watching them.
The only other halfway interesting thing was the way the leopard.. ahem... did his buisness. I know you really didn't ask to know, but it really was quite entertaining to a bunch of third graders. Lets just say he squated on his big rock. He certainly was the center of attention.
We were very lucky that we just got a slight shower as we were waiting to get into the zoo classroom. The wind though was sure whipping down the plains.

I really have no point to this post. I just wanted to share with you my close encounter with the rat, that I never did see. Oh and maybe to show off a few pics..cause I really have nothing else. I didn't get as many as I wanted. Something about actually having to help GB do his zoo project. They were there to actually learn.

We did leave early due to the threatening storms. What did I do? I went home and took a nice long leisurely nap. I declared it a mini early mother's day gift to myself.


Trey said...

What, no pics of the cat squatting?!

MP said...

Our zoo is free...and it's huge and awesome. I love the zoo!


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