Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hubs Feet On TV ...Film At 10

Hubs went down to the tax place to finish up some paper work for the taxes. What, you don't file your taxes late? He had an excuse he was out of the country.

Anyways while he was there the local news channel came wanting to interview any poor soul who happened to be filing their taxes late someone at the tax office, about the delay in getting that coveted extra rebate check late. Hubs said he felt like a dork cause he didn't really have any complaints about getting the rebate check late..cause well he filed late. That would kind of like be calling the kettle black if you know what I mean. I just find the whole situation hilariously ironic.
The best part about this whole interview is that hubs was wearing a University of Oklahoma shirt. He despises OK. He doesn't really he just pretends to. It was his Alma Mater, but they did him wrong. It's really a post for another day. I just had to bring up the fact to him that he's wearing an OU shirt for all of East Texas to see. The irony oh tis SWEET! When my father hears about this he is going to laugh like there's no tomorrow.

Anywho so he said it would be on at 6 and 10. I rush home to see this gem and totally wish I had DVR. The family gathers around, popcorn is popped..not really. The story comes on and we anxiously await hubs interview. They first interview the tax lady as to what the deal with the delay is. Then the camera pans in for dramatic effect. What do they pan in on? Hubs feet and his crusty brown sandals. Yes my friends it was a photographic masterpiece. Then it cuts back to the anchor dude who declares, "Your opinion about the tax rebate delay at 10." In other words we have to now wait til 10 for his Emmy winning interview.

Of course I could have been evil and sent a mass e-mail through out the entire office to watch the news. I didn't, I just told a couple of the girls in my department. I'm kind of grateful because who really wants to see some crusty feet? Film at 10.

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Krista said...

Ha ha ha ha! I love it!!! I Hope you record it at 10!


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