Friday, May 9, 2008

Guess What I Just Did?

Your gonna think I'm total nutso, but I just ordered my pizza online.
I know your rolling your eyes cause you've done it a million times already.
The thing is we normally only order from one particular place and they don't have it online here yet. Hubs and I take more time fighting over who's going to call in the order than it does for them to actually deliver it.
Needless to say I will so always order if it's online. I love it. Now I will just sit and wait for my pizza and hope it comes this century.

I'm gonna take a small bloggy break this weekend. I think. I totally could be lying. I'm going to actually try to focus on my family and of course there's the working all day Sunday thing. Which I'm totally not bitter about. I just have to think positive and say atleast I'm off on Memorial weekend.


MP said...

I saw when you twittered this and cracked up... We LOVE the on line option and do it often. Little guy likes to follow the progress on line.

jennifer said...

I couldn't agree more!

Lawanda said...

I have only ordered online once! Very nice! :)


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