Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just Being Me..Mom

I couldn't think of what to post today for Mother's day. I thought about doing a nifty poem in ode to mothers. I also thought of posting Wonderboys letter to me which was really sweet even though I couldn't read half of it. Instead I found this little gem from when I first started blogging and decided it was perfect.

As I look around my house and see dishes in the sink and dirty laundry strewn about the floor, I know this is not what I expected it would be like being a mom. I always thought that I'd be the type of mom just like my mom. My mom being the hard worker that she is always had a fairly clean house. The dishes were always done, the laundry never piled high. This concept was always just something I took for granted. I just assumed this is something moms do keeping houses clean and raising children.

People will always tell you that this mom business isn't easy, but until you've actually had kids do you really know what they're talking about? You expect some hard work and maybe shed a tear or two when a kid's heart has been broken. You never expect the unexpected. I never expected laundry to accumulate so quickly. I have days where I feel I'm scaling the Himalayas of dirty clothes, and some how it's gotta be scaled down to at least a small hill. Some how I always thought it would at some point actually end.
I never expected to carry out hostage negotiations with a two year old. The green cup with the smiley face handle does not suffice for a drinking cup, only the blue cup with the smiley face handle will work as a satisfactory drinking cup.

I also never expected this unconditional love thing. That these kids will love me no matter what. I never expected the unexpected grab you at the knees knocking you down hugs, or the passionate kisses the two year old tries to give me just like daddy.

I never expected the insightful thoughts my children would have on why they want to be Jedi's when they grow up so they can defeat the dark side.

My boys don't seem to care how high the laundry mountain is. They don't seem to care that we sometimes have cereal for dinner. They don't care that the house is dirty sometimes. They just love and care for being Even though I'm not the mother I expected to be. I am the mother my boys expect me to be.

So to all the Moms out there, just enjoy your day, your kids. Dont worry about that Himalayan mountain of laundry, it will be waiting for you on Monday.

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Lawanda said...

Ya done went and made me cry!


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