Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Day Break Down

It's Tuesday our last day. Where did the time go? In Vegas it's like time does not exist, the hours fly by in nano seconds. Here's a little bit of a break down from the trip. I'm hoping to feed you chunks of stuff rather than one whopping post.
First of all we're shooting for a wedding right before we leave. We're nothing if not rebels. I'm thinking everyone will be still asleep this morning (not including my hubs who is still asleep). Who gets married on a Tuesday morning anyway?
This trip seems to be all about hubs when it was supposed to be all about me and what I wanted..ahem. He says I'm the one that wanted to see Robin and he was doing it "for me". He must have not realized that HE was the one racing to the MGM ticket reservation desk at the airport to find out about tickets. Anyway so we had a little disagreement about that.
Yesterday we decided to take the monorail, which I highly recommend if your doing Vegas, to the Hilton. This is the Mecca for all Sci Fi nerds. They have the whole Star Trek experience thing going. Though I'm no fan of Star Trek whatsoever it was still pretty cool. The whole hotel is Trekkie, Sci Fi designed. I'm such a good wife doing this all for him. Hubs had definitely died and gone to heaven.
Our flight leaves around 5. I've got to get sleeping beauty up and groomed for this here wedding. It's gotta happen today guys, I don't think I can wait any longer, we've been engaged for 10 plus years now and it's about time a girl gets hitched. :)
OK I think the sleep deprivation is getting to me.


ali said...

10 years is long engagement! Congratulations on your wedding day!

Lawanda said...

haha! Hope the day turns out to be a good one! I should have told you "Say hi to Elvis for me!" haha

Krista said...

Do tell, did you make it to see Elvis??? :)


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