Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gather Round For Vacation Pics

Isn't technology grand? Instead of inviting you to my house for an endless montogue of slides from vacation, you can just be forced to watch them on the internets.
Before I dim the lights and turn on the projector, I'm sure you guys want the run down and the result of the wedding. The one thing I boasted about more than anything for this trip was marrying Elvis..I mean my husband by Elvis. Sorry guys it didn't happen. Hubs got cold feet and chickened out talked me out of it by saying he would rather our family and friends partake of such an event. Time was also a factor. We figured we wouldn't have much of it before getting to the airport. Oh how wrong we were.
I now bring you the pics. I narrowed it down to a small handful. Hubs took 98% of the photos and most of them were of random things like some dude handing out one of those pamphlets to come and see the girls girls girls or the bicycle cop pulling over some truck in the midde of the strip. I knew you really didn't want to endure all that. Since this is my blog, I totally skipped out on uplaoding the 50 dozen Star Trek photos. Your Welcome.

We did this a lot

And got this result a lot

The weather in Vegas was awesome for May in the desert. 70 degrees baby!

MGM Grand the grand daddy of all the hubs opinion.

Where else on the planet can you be in NYC one minute and Paris France the next?

We were delayed in the airport waiting to fly home for 6 hours. We had lots o time to kill. Our marriage was tested to the limit. Dear God please get my husband out of here before he starts cashing out the kids college fund. Wait we don't have a college fund for the kids...

You never know what you'll find in an airport wondering aimlessly for 6 hours, trying very hard not to spend money.

Bye Vegas, we'll miss you.

Since we arrived in DFW at 2:30 this morning and a two hour drive home awaited us. We took today off to actually catch up on sleep.


Krista said...

What? NO Elvis? Sad!

Aren't those sculptures in the airport cool? I like the big atrium thing too.

Fun new blog design... just a bit hard to read the title and subtitle

Anonymous said...

I wish it were possible to go to Vegas and not lose money..then it would be perfect!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Love the pictures!

Unfortunately my hubby would be thrilled to see the 50 dozen Star Trek photos. I won't tell him what he's missing out on though. :)

Teresa KK said...

I think I'm the only chick that would probably love the Star Trek photos.
Looks like you had fun.

diana said...

great pictures. vegas is quite the experience. looks like you had a good time.


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