Monday, May 26, 2008

Greetings From Vegas!

It's around 8:30 am Vegas time. Hubs is sawing some logs, so I thought I'd jump on the intertubes just to make sure the blogging world is still in tact despite my departure.
Each night morning before closing my eyes to actually sleep, my mind starts racing on what to blog about first. Oh the fodder it will be over flowing.
First and foremost I must report that there has been no wedding yet. I know that's all you guys are depending on, is how was Elvis and the wedding. We're hoping to do it today. I can honestly say right now that Elvis may not happen. (Braces for boos and hisses) Let me just explain. We arrived in Vegas Sat. and of course the airport is packed with very large screen T.Vs telling you what shows are happening. Lo and behold hubs and I's favorite crazy comedian is in town doing one show only. His only show he will do in the next 2 years. Robin Williams. It was pretty much a once in a life time thing and we just happen to be here. Yeah we broke down and went to Robin. Let me just say, we wanted great seats to see him and it wasn't going to be cheap. So Elvis is on the back burner right now. It all may change if Vegas is good to us and returns the money we invested in it. Crossing fingers
Robin was hilarious and crazy as usual. My mouth was so sore from the 2 hours of constant laughing. I think it was worth it despite the thought that I may not get serenaded by Elvis this time. There's always our 15 year anniversary right?
Stay tuned for a Wordless Wednesday breakdown of Vegas. Pictures are worth 10thousand words.


Krista said...

Hey, you did something that may very well be a once in a lifetime event. Elvis will be in Vegas FOREVER! ;) But I do hope you can do that as well!

Trey said...

ARRRRRRRRGH!!!!! Robin Williams?! Rent the DVD! You better win some cash and go do the Elvis thing, ARRRRRRGH!

Lawanda said...

Haha, Elvis or Robin... hmm.. Just as long as you are having fun, it is ok! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG I would LOVE to see Robin Williams in person. I love love love him.

Sounds like you will for sure need a vacation from your vacation.

Did you win any money?


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