Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday 13 All About Gameboy

Since this seems to be the week of all Gameboy all the time. I will finish it off with a 13 Things about Gameboy. Thanks Deb for the idea!

1. He was born an April Fool. Would you believe that there are very few celebrities born on April 1st. The ones I saw I had never heard of.

2. He is of course the big brother and in general gets along very well with his little brothers.

3. He is an avid reader. Right now he's reading the 4th book of Harry Potter. Hes in 3rd grade and this is a 700 page book. I didn't even read that big of book in 3rd grade. He takes breaks from it off and on but he's getting there.

4. Speaking of reading. He missed one question on the reading portion of the TAKS test. (that would be the big statewide test that was held last month) To say I was floored was an understatement.

5. Math is not his forte. He gets that from me. Sorry buddy

6. He loves him some Pokemon. He's tried to teach me how the whole card trading/game convoluted process works and it's just all over my head.

7. He loves to just spontaneously give me bear hugs. It's more of a try to tackle mom to the ground hug, but a hug nonetheless. It will not be long til he will be able to tackle me down to the ground.

8. Ever since he could talk in full sentences say 2. He's been a story teller. He would talk and talk to me about the most random things and tell very vibrant stories. He still is quite the chatter box and still loves to write his stories. It was funny because they were assigned to make another fable for Pecos Bill and his story was a good 4 pages front and back.

9. He wants to be a video game maker when he grows up..figures. Him and his brother make up random video games in the car. They describe what kind of video game it will be, who the characters are, and the premise. They describe how many levels there will be and what buttons control what. They do this pretty much every day during the taxi run. When I pick them up in the afternoon with out missing a beat they take up where they left off.

10. He likes to challenge me to race him in random public places. Like say from one side of the parking lot to the car. At first I would refuse..cause it was a public place and it's kind of odd for a mom to be running very fast at say the school. Every once in awhile I get a wild hair and we go for it. I win every now and then.

11. He loves baseball, but doesn't play it or ever watch it. I haven't quite figured this one out.

12. At this moment he is missing three of his top front teeth. Poor guy just lost one this morning and has had the other two out since October. The dentist stated that the other two should come in by mid summer.

13. I'm at a total loss on the last one. 12 is good enough right?


Krista said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! I'm all out of the loop being on vacation here...
I was so scared my son would be born on April Fool's Day... I did not want that! Thankfully for me he came a few days early!
Hmmm, so if your boss reads your blog does that mean you can't post as much now? :)

KC said...

He sounds like a great kid.
Great T13

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Great list! My girls love to run races too, but thankfully they seem to be happy enough to race each other. That's awesome that he's tackling Harry Potter - way to go, Gameboy! :)

PS - I think you've got the wrong link for me, not that it's a big deal... ;)


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