Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Laundry 'Ku For You

Laundry piled high.
The madness has to end now.
Surrender I must.

Clean clothes smell I miss
Underwear is getting ripe
Clean socks a luxury

Laundry is now fun
Well no it is not really
Peace is now restored

It's Haiku Friday, and well since I've been a total slacker, I thought I'd roll an update into it.


jennifer said...

This reminds me that I was supposed to wash my sheets today. Oops. said...

a reminder that I am sadly behind on mine! TGIWeekend!

Rebecca said...

Yeah. We need to do laundry, too...

Anonymous said...

It multiplies like rabbits around here. Simply not fair to have to do it so often.

Lawanda said...

ROFL! Good one! I am doing laundry right now! (As usual...) :-p

tumblewords said...

I hear ya!


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