Friday, April 11, 2008

People Are People No Matter How Small

Tonight I had a lovely date with a handsome 7 soon to be 8 year old Wonderboy. We don't get to many alone time dates and when it happens it's normally a trip to the grocery store with his little brother.
Hubs and I decided that since we're not doing a blow out birthday bash for him, like his big brother, that maybe he'd like a night on the town with mom. That's exactly what we did. He chose a very sophisticated restaurant of the King of Burgers and a theatre showing of Horton.
We both were the main ones of the household wanting to see it so we took advantage and I'm glad we did. We both loved it and he said at the end, "Mom that kind of made me want to cry." I felt the same way. It had a very good message.
I think we'll start a tradition of switching celebrations for these two. One year one kid has a bash with friends while the other selects an outing with their chosen parent. We will still of course have a family celebration for him with cake and a visit to Geoffrey's store on his actual birthday.


Lawanda said...

What a great birthday!!!! :)

I know I would love that, but I am thinking the nearly 13 yo (next bday in the family) would rather hang out with friends than mom... LOL

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

That sounds like such a special day for the two of you! :)


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