Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's A Spring Fashion Fiesta That's What It Is

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I was kind of leary of airing my dirty laundry on the blog..actually it's clean laundry now, but out of impulse and the fact I was taking my work clothes out of the dryer anyway, I decided why not.
BigMama is the fashion officianta on Fridays telling all us moms how we to can be the next fashion diva or atleast dream about it.
She decided to have a carnival on the clothes we wear on a daily basis. Since I'm a working momma(hence the name); I do actually have to somewhat try to dress somewhat decent(notice I said try),but we're a fairly career casual office. To my chagrin I have no clue what I'm doing. I primarily go for versatility over fashionability. I spend very little on clothes each year maybe 500 if I'm really lucky, for the year.
Enough of my droning here's my blah working momma uniforms.

Please don't mind the large black object, trotting across my clean clothes.
I'm all about a simple layered look that I can interchange pants and cami's
White button up shirt. Are you seeing a trend? Plain and more plain, yet fashion safe.
Just for fun I told the oldest to take a pic of what I wore today to work. I had a denim top over this, cause I was feeling a tiny bit sassy or I just didn't want to freeze to death in the office.


Lawanda said...

Jeannie you are too cute!

I enjoyed dressing up in dress pants when I was selling ads for my brother. But I have to admit, I enjoy lounging around home in my jeans and t's even more! LOL

Leigh said...

LOL! My dogs did that too when I laid mine out to photo! LOL!I enjoyed stopping in !I hope you will come and see my fiesta!

Keetha said...

I LOVE that your four footed creature crossed your fashion fiesta photo!!!! How fun is THAT.

Keri said...

This made me laugh!! I love the dog walking across the outfit and the one of you laying on the floor is hilarious! Very clever!

Chel said...

You can't go wrong with black pants & a crisp white shirt! I've got those in my work wardrobe, too!

Now, I'll admit, at the end of the day, when I've got both kids at home and am beginning dinner and to help with homework, my main goal in life is to shed those groovy work clothes and get into a pair of pajama pants and a tank top. :)

Big Mama said...

The dog walking across the clean clothes is classic.

Thanks for participating!


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