Wednesday, April 9, 2008

God Blessed Texas

Living in medium sized city Tx, which is growing quickly trying to be medium sized to big for it's pants sized Tx, you sometimes forget that this is Texas and they do things a different way.
Hubs and I were radio station searching in the car and came upon the call in classifieds. Basically JimBob people call into the local town radio station to sell/buy/trade their random junk. This could be riding lawnmower frames, a goat, or even wait for it...prayer.
Apparently you can call in whatever yer wunt to on this new fangled thang the radio and ask for yer feller townsfolk to pray for you as "Things ain't to good here." This poor woman even left her phone number in case I guess, you wanted to call her to tell her you prayed for her. I think this was something new for the D.J. to, as he sounded a bit off on her statement and moved on to the next call.
Now this sent hubs and I into fit of laughter and we couldn't wait to hear what next would be put on the classifieds.
Cletus called in wanting to buy some kind of boat, it didn't matter if it was runnin or hell..I mean heck it didn't matter if it didn't have a tag to it, he just wanted a boat. I kid you not he said those words on the radio. I think I've found my drive home station.
Last but not least a gentleman had I believe car parts or he wanted car parts. He then began to ask the D.J. if he thought it'd look alright to put either a Lincoln rear end or even a Rolls Royce end on a Cadilac body. You could literally tell the D.J. was trying to refrain from laughter. He simply said, "I guess that'd be alright I guess, be interesting for sure."
I only poke fun..cause well I can, and well I'm not Texan. :)


KC said...

LOL LOL LOL... oh that would be one funny thing to listen too. Though I have to admit I feel bad for the poor lady calling in for prayer.. If she has noone to turn to except the radio station.. UGH..

Lawanda said...

bahahahahahaha OMGoodness I am LOL here!! That was hysterical. I would say "Only in TX" but there's things like that in my neck of the woods too ;) (WV!) (And thanks for entering my giveaway!!!!) :-D

Chel said...

Ok, that's a hoot! Now, keep in mind that we lived for years in rural Louisiana... and we had a public access television station that auctioned off junk. Picture your BillyBob in his overalls holding up a pair of humungous women's underwear in front of a camcorder operated (badly) by his fourth cousin's girlfriend. It was our entertainment for forever.

And I do admit... I bought a refurbished, works-like-brand-new-even-after-all-these-years, Kitchen-Aid stand mixer for less than $100. And I refuse to entertain arguments that it was hot. Felt pretty cool to me. :)


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