Monday, April 14, 2008

Whacking Out My Chi

Today was Monday, my favorite day of the week. NOT!
I won't rant to much about work only to say that the primary thing I hate more than anything about my job is when it's 4:43 and you get off in 2 minutes and you get the phone call from he**. Your stuck and tick tock goes the clock and you have to be every whichaware but work. I start going from sorta ticked off to ballistic postal some one's gonna die ticked off. The poor soul on the phone is the last thing I care about at that moment.
Anyways so I hand off Mr. Customer to someone who might somewhat actually care for their situation more than I and raced to get children from everywhichawhere.
Gameboy had CubScouts at the Skating place and even though we haven't been to CS in over a month, my chi was already out of wack and I didn't wanna go caus I'm a big whiny baby about working late. I still had to get to the grocery store or we were going to have to put tomato juice on our cereal for breakfast.
I managed to bargain my way out of BS and we flocked to the grocery store, cause I just love to visit the House of Wal on Monday nights cause that's when the crazies come out. Seriously.
You would have thought I had let the monkeys out of the zoo as crazy and wild as the boys were acting. This is when I become deliriously tired and my eyes become so weak it's like I can see but can't and I end up putting random crap in the shopping cart and going way off my perfectly planned menu and grocery list. Because I just wanted to get the heck out of dodge.
I think as I'm trying to deliriously get groceries put away and throw children to bed what in my right mind makes my heartstrings tug for a fourth?! Then I turn on John and Kate plus 8 and I totally freak out and think my monkeys for sure have to be wrangled, but wrangling 8, oh hellz no.


MP said...

Really..How does Kate do it? At least she has her sense of humor..

Lawanda said...

LOL! I know the feeling. I want more, but have no idea of how the heck I'd manage with more!

I remember getting a call at 11:30pm when I was supposed to get off at midnight, that lasted til 1:00 am!!!! My boss was freakin out and ready to kill the customer herself! LOL


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