Friday, April 25, 2008

Mission Done

Today the Captain led her troops into battle for the last time.

She led with a full heart and always willing to fight the good fight side by side with her compadres. She understood each soldiers pain and joy as she had been there before many times.

Her troops were and still are her family. She would fight for them any day as they would for her.

The troops had a respect and maybe some kind of admiration for her. They knew they could come to her seeking knowledge and support they didn't feel to have or if the generals were to busy fighting other wars. No battle was to big or to small for her and everyday a new war was fought. They knew she would give them all her undivided attention, even if bullets were coming at her from all ends. Somehow a victory would be won a problem solved. Yet there were sometimes when no war big or small would be saved. The troops would all go down together only to rise again in victory with another war and perhaps face the reality of the next defeat.

She's fought alongside many a great captain and general. She knows the other captains would fight just as hard for her as she herself would for her troops.

Today fanfare and accolades came her way out of respect and admiration for time served. There may not have been a tinker tape parade or medals pinned to lapel, but the appreciation of service and duty was good enough. She'll leave with the knowledge that her mission there is done. A new captain will be chosen.

The captain now removes her shiny captain's hat from her head and re places it with a tight fitting dusty Private's cap instead. She's headed off to report for duty to a new general and a new captain. She'll gear up for a new platoon and be ready for a battle she's never fought before. She's ready.

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