Monday, March 24, 2008

Where Do I Sign Up For Mother Of The Year?

You know how I mentioned that I did the whole Welcome Spring celebration to squelch the pagan Easter bunny stuff and focus on well the real reason for Easter? Yeah it kinda blew up in my face.

I assumed that with the happy happy joy joy of our Spring celebration on Friday that the actual Easter bunny thing would just blow over with out notice. Wrong!
I did actually sorta make a lame attempt by putting out their Easter cards from their grandma and the annoying animated stuffed chick that does the chicken dance song, thinking that would be enough as well. Wrong! It was fine for WB and BB cause they don't catch on to these kind of things as quickly. GB noticed instantly when he got home. I tried to dig my hole deeper by saying the Easter bunny brought the singing chick. He wasn't buying it for nothing, but let me slide, when I suggested he go hide eggs for his brothers.

This morning as I'm doing the taxi run GB had to mention it again. I made the attempt to mention the annoying chick that sings the chicken dance song and gets stuck in my head. "No mom that came from grandma, the Easter bunny didn't bring us anything, we must be the baddest kids in the world." Just rip my heart from chest out now why dont ya. I didn't want to mention the whole reason for the season spiel cause I wasn't in the philosophical mind frame this Monday morning, so I just didn't say anything. Can I get my crown and tiara now please?

The thing is their birthdays have always fallen either the same weekend of Easter or the week before and after. April is party all month long month for us. My parents when they come down usually get them a little basket of stuff along with their gazillion presents. Nothing says grandparent guilt of living 300 miles away like presents for every single holiday. I will admit right here right now that I just wasn't in the mood to buy a bunch of junk only for the dog to chew it up or it to sit for days and days and go straight to the trash. I guess I've got some 'splainin to do when we get home.


MP said...

OK...Drew (age 8 1/2) says "So what do you think the easter bunny is brining?"...We looked at each other and felt horrible...
So yeah, I guess you are only worse than us because there are more than 1 kids...

The Easter Bunny is just creapy..I'm OK with Santa..but come on! J told Drew that Jack would eat the easter bunny..

Janel said...

Oh, don't be too hard on yourself. Your heart is in the right place and they will understand it all once you explain it to them!

I love your new look, btw!!! Very good job!


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