Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Ya'll

I decided to start things off a little early this year. I've read a few blogs, who had the great idea of celebrating the pagan stuff of Easter by making it a celebration on the first day of Spring. Since today was a beautiful day and Sunday expects to be rainy and chilly with a high only the 50's, today seemed like the day to celebrate. It didn't hurt that I was off today anyway. I thought I'd show some pics of the festivities.

The boys are not as into the whole color egg thing, they'd rather just hunt. I think it's a male thing...this is becoming my catch phrase now a days. I atleast got to do my own thing and make a lame attempt at being creative with the eggs. Jelly Beans anyone? Would you believe last year at Easter this little guy sat down and opened every single egg and ate every single piece of candy in every single basket? Needless to say his brothers were not pleased.
It really was a gorgeous day.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

What a fun idea! I wish we'd done that, maybe on the last day of 'winter' since we got snow on the first day of 'spring' this year. Not very conducive to outdoor egg hunting! :(

MP said...

CUTE..beautiful day.. we had snow, sleet and hail!


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