Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

*This was posted last year, one of my first birthday posts*

Today is my dad's birthday. I believe he's 70 as he always tells me he was 40 when I was born.
He has always been pretty much a laid back kind of guy, not to much ever really bothers him. As long as he has his T.V. and food he's a pretty happy go lucky kind of guy.

My dad has been a pretty hard worker all up until he retired several years ago and he would say " I don't try to work any more than I have to." Which is fine he deserves the relaxation.

He always has a story for everything and anything. It doesn't matter what you say or do he can think of something that has happened to him or someone he worked with related to it (or sometimes not really). I think it was just always a reason to tell a story. I've heard most of these stories atleast a half a dozen times or fifty. Each time he throws in an extra something in thats either a bit of an exaggeration or not quite the same as he told it the last fifty dozen times. My dad never claimed to be a great fisherman but has those great kind of fisherman stories. When I married my husband he was delighted to re tell his stories to a new live willing body. He continues to tell him his stories cause he has to catch up to all the fifty dozen times he's told them to me and the rest of the family. Sadly my poor dear has a ways to go.
I mentioned dad's a pretty easy going laid back guy right? Well I forgot to mention this laid back stuff goes away when OU football is on. Dad was a regular season ticket holder from the 70's through the 80's when OU was in their hay day. When he wasn't at the game he was at home parked in front of the game watching the game on T.V. and listening to the play by play on the radio. Around football season it's best not to come visit unless you have your ear plugs with you. For some reason Dad thinks that the boys out on the football field can hear him screaming at the top of his lungs "COME ON DEFENSE!!" or if they make a touchdown "ALL RIGHT!" Dad's voice is rather booming loud. I mean when I yell all right at the top of my lungs, walls and windows don't tend to shutter around me. Somehow dad's voice is just about at that octave. Needless to say if it gets really bad on the OU side it's best just to leave the house. If it gets really really bad dad throws the t.v. off or changes it to golf or something more calming until he's settled down enough to flip back over. He's pretty passionate about his OU football, and thats ok with me cause I'm pretty passionate about it to.
Happy Birthday Dad! Not that he's ever gonna read this cause well as he says him and technology just don't get along. Keep those stories coming for another 30 years and I'll keep listening or pretend to be listening. Cause some day the stories will no longer be told atleast not the right way, and the quiet during football season just wont be the same.

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