Monday, March 10, 2008

Hairs The Deal...

I'm having a hair crises of biblical proportions. I normally don't blog about my hair issues, well because there's normally nothing that fascinating to blog about. Not saying that the current issue is fascinating but I've got to get it out of my system and hubs can only be so empathetic before his masculinity melts or something.

Here's (I spared you the pun, as I'm generous like that) the deal. We went up to OK over the weekend and I washed my hair in their well water and immediately it went from super fine and soft to mangled mangy mess as soon as my precious locks hit the water. I have washed and conditioned my hair 4 times now since we've been home to no avail. It looks nappy ick like I haven't washed or combed it in days. I've never had such hair woes like this. Sure I've had the bad poodle perm or crazy color and have also always complained that my fine locks do nothing when trying to style it unless I've gooped up on gels and hairspray.

I'm grasping at straws thinking maybe I need to do a home color job in hopes that the conditioner will make it shiny, smooth and manageable again. Do an extreme chop off maybe? This has never happened before in all the years that I've washed my hair at my parents house. Usually it feels a bit ick after the first wash and then fine and dandy once I get home to city treated water.

Please pat my back and tell me it will be all ok...sniff.


KC said...

OH NO!!!!
1st don't color it!!!!!!! that will dry it out more.. Next wash it or just wet it down.(the more you wash the drier it gets) Then goop it up with a ton of conditioner and let it stay in your hair over night or longer(if you don't have any place to be in the morning) Then rines it out and wash it and condition it again and risnes it this time..and see if that helps.. do it a time or two.. and if it still doesn't help.. I will point you in the direction of DCRMOM @ musing of a housewife(you can find her link at my blog) she had this issue a few months ago.. I don't really remember what she did to get it all fixed up. but I do know this conditioning trick was one of hers and I used it and it worked wonders for my hair. She would be able to give you more ideas if it doesn't work..

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Yikes! Hmm, if KC's solution doesn't help - or maybe along with it, you could try a really good anti-residue shampoo. Our water is hard on hair and I find that I have to use something like that once a week in order to keep my hair from getting all gunked up. Right now I'm loving the Herbal Essences 'de-gunkify' shampoo - love the name, and it works really well. Good luck! :)

MP said...

OK..and if none of those things work why not try one of those "Oil" conditioners.

My hair is horrible, I haven't had it cust since December. My appointment is NEXT week. Mine is super dooper thing and looks dirty by the end of the day..nice...and it's not that it's oily. If I was skinny I could have shorter hair but if it's too short my face looks too fat.

Krista said...

It sounds like you need some of the stuff that kids use in the summer to get the chlorine out of their hair. It's basically a stripper and would get rid of all the minerals that you hair collected. :)


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