Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hair We Go Again

Well if anything I'm having fun with the puns.

First and foremost thank you a million times over for all the advice, ya'll are the greatest internets ever!

Secondly as we speak my hair is drying out, it's feeling ok. I took Deb's advice and ran not walked to the House of Wal after work and scoured the aisles for this coveted "degunkifier" from Herbal Escence. They had every other kind from the HE line but not the degunk which is exactly what I felt I needed. Yet not to feel defeated I got some new HE cute name clean kind and the break up is over conditioner cause well I'm a sucker for a catchy name when buying hair products. Besides my hairs being caudled with pearls and coconut has got to be good for something.

Thirdly because desperate times seek desperate measures, I consulted my own hair wizard; and well since I don't actually have a hair wizard like BooMama, I do have a husband. That's close enough right?
Hubs is all knowing (or he thinks he is) when it comes to hair. Because he was a beauty school drop out a gazillion years ago, I followed his advice. He claims that cold water squeezes the cells together and expresses the gunk out. Since it sounded all technical and smart sounding I went with it. What do I have to lose except my hair..ahem well anyway.
It's hard to tell right now cause it's still drying out. I hate to say though it's starting to feel like it did this morning, but smells quite yummy like I could really use a Pinacolada. I do think however that it's getting better and may just take some time. If this doesn't rectify by this weekend than I'm going to seek professional help, possibly both mentally and hairally.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Hmm, I've never looked for it at WalMart - I know that Target has it though. And I've used Neutrogena's anti-residue shampoo too - that's what I used before I found the HE one. Well, at least it smells good, right? :)

Natalie said...

okay, i am laughing a bit at your situation only because i live in the city and when we visit my parents in the country and i wash my hair with well water this same thing happens to me...i thought it was just me!...it just kind of slowly goes away though. i can't wait to find out if you find a perfect solution!

KC said...

I hope you find something that works soon for you.


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