Sunday, March 9, 2008

Were Back!

Thanks guys for stopping by and visiting the old blog. Sorry If I didn't get to you guys other words sorry for not posting your comments sooner. I'm so delighted you stopped by and that you may actually come back.

I have my regulars that I adore and cherish but would love some new visitors! You guys know the brownie song? Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. OK sorry I probably got that stuck in your head now.

Anyways we made a quick trip to OK to deposit the kids at their grandparents and thank goodness the weather was beautiful. I hated to leave. I hate turn around trips like this past one. 5 hour drive one day and 5 hour drive the next is just not fun, I don't care who you are.

A funny thing happened on the way that my children will probably never forgive me for posting on the blog. Between Nowwhere Tx and Nowhere OK is a whole lot of nothing but cattle and more cattle. In other words there's no rest areas to go potty, no Mcdonald's or icky gas station for a good hundred miles.
This makes gas and potty timing pretty tricky. We have certainly had many a times where we've pulled over in some ranchers pasture and well let the kids do their thing right off the highway. That's one handy thing about boys. I don't see little girls going for that.
Well the potty timing was off and it was still a good 30 or so miles to McD's and the gas station. Though lil Bossy has a pretty good bladder, when the 3 year olds got to go he's got to go. So I pulled off to the FM road (which is FarmToMarket road for you Non Texans) right off the highway to let them go. Now mind you there wasn't a tree for several hundred yards for them to hide behind, so they literally were in plain sight. Bossy and Wonderboy both pulled their pants completely down and were giving a full moon to the highway. I sat in the car dying laughing. Thinking about these poor farmers in their big Chevy trucks driving by seeing two full moons. Hubs was out there with them and wasn't much help blocking the view.

On our way out, hubs told me to drive up through the ranchers street to turn around so I wouldn't be backing up right into the highway. Due to the rain/snow the road was pretty muddy thick. Hubs mentioned he hoped I wouldn't get stuck in Mr Ranchers road and I hope he doesn't have a gun and shoot us for trespassing. I thought about that and said, "Well it's probably even worse, we'll be stuck and no one will be here to help, cause this is probably Mr Ranchers second ranch that he only comes to certain times of the year."
Can you tell I read Pioneer Woman?

Needless to say we got outta there quick and were laughing our heads off at our little moons over Tx.

I promise a last installment of the preemie adventures soon. You guys pretty much know the last part in that it ends with a happy ending of course.


KC said...

LOL LOL.. OH that is funny..
I remember many of time pulling the car over on family trips so my little brother could do the same thing.. We use to open up both the front and back door of the car so that he could stand between the doors so no one could see him. Can't really do that with the sliding doors of minivans.
Glad you had a saft trip there and back.

susan said...

I'm sure it's definetly easier with boys. We always did the car door thing as well when I was a kid. For my girls we'd shield them with a towel...being very careful to keep our feet uphill!

MP said...

I think it's so funny how the little boys drop there entire pants..I think Drew started doing that until he was old enough to notice that other people didn't. Usually it's by 5 or 6 isn't it?

I had no idea what a Farmers Road is..thank you Mrs Texas.


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