Monday, March 17, 2008

A Few Random Things

A few random thoughts to start out the week, cause that's how I roll today.

-Is it wrong that I asked GB if we could skip out on Scouts tonight? I convinced him there were some strong storms coming through, which actually meant your dad is in Canada this week and Dancing With the Stars Comes on tonight and momma needs her fill of shows. It's a good thing he's an understanding child.

-The prodigal son returned again, this last time was his longest absence. This time around I was not near as distraught, I just figured he'd return just like the cat does. It must be a male thing.

-There's something else this week that will be captivating my attention, March Madness. I am a bracketologist of sorts. I love to study the "experts" brackets for the NCAAB basketball champs and then predict my own winner based off of their guesses. I admit I also do it for the competion with the male species at work. I've come so freaking close every year. The funny thing is I don't follow college basketball at all until March Madness week. I've found a few blog moms that will be doing a bracket. This sounds so fun to do with a bunch of girls!

-It's a short week this week sorta. I'm taking off Friday for Good Friday as the kids will be out of school and the daycare will be closed. I wish that work would give us Good Friday off instead of say Presidents Day. Though I have to work Saturday, which is the first weekend I've worked in over a year. Grumble. This will become a regular habit atleast once a month now.

-I totally have disappointed you guys in not taking a picture of the St Patrick's day tree. I know you guys totally dug the Valentine's day tree. The St. Patty tree did not disappoint either, though they didn't give us a free lunch or cake. Bummer. Yes for new blog friends, this is the office (the place where I work) Christmas Valentines St. Pattys day tree. Just imagine green clovers, green St. Pattys hats and green tree trim. Impressed? I thought so. I admit I'm disappointed as I expected an Easter tree. The good question now is what will they do for April?


Krista said...

You're kidding me... they still have that tree up?!!! Isn't it a fire hazard by now? Crazy.

Lawanda said...

Ooooh pretty Easter Decor!

Random thoughts are all I can follow anymore, so it is a good thing that is how you roll! ;)

Fresh Girl said...

Hey, Jean! Thought I'd come pay you a visit since you were nice enough to stop by my place today. :) And I find you're a DWTS fan, too! Yay! I wasn't too impressed with the guys tonight. How about you?

Glad your dog came back! What kind is he?

MP said...

I filled out my brakets this morning.
My "winner" is UCLA..who is yours?

KC said...

DH, my dad, and my brother are all about March Madness right now.


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