Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where Oh Where Has My Big Dog Done Gone? Where Oh Where Can He Be?

This morning I got my usual 6AM wake up nudge from a cold black nose. I pulled the covers over my head and told that cold black nose to lay back down for a little bit longer. The cold black nose obliged and gave me an urgent prodding at 7AM. By this time the boys were up already watching cartoons, so I told the oldest to let Mr. Cold nose outside so he could do his buisness. That's the last time today I saw or felt the nudge of that cold black nose.

Around 8AM hubs and I heard barking outside, but it didn't sound like our Anakin. Hubs told Gameboy to let the dog inside. Gameboy returned shortly saying that he wasn't outside in the fenced yard. He looked all around front and back and didn't see him. Hubs went to investigate and no sign of him.

Normally it's rare for Anakin to get out of the yard itself, very rare. If he gets out its usually because he's dug under into the neighbors back yard with their dog; but no where else. When he's out front with us, he usually does a quick jont and then immediately comes back. He always comes back.

It's been almost 5 hours now. We drove up and down the neighborhood with no sign of him. Sigh, he always comes back, I somehow have my doubts that he's not coming back this time.
Annie was my dog, he claimed me as his. He was and is my alarm clock, my rinser of dirty dishes when loading the dishwasher, my food dropped on the floor eater, my comfort when I'm down, my feet warmer, my sloppy kiss giver, cat chaser, my vacuum hater, my broom chaser, he was mine.
I'm sorry if I'm a bit perklempt. I'm just waiting to hear a bark at the door any minute. I hear the boys bounding up the stairs and my heart skips a beat for a second.
Come home Annie were waiting for you.

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Krista said...

Oh no!!! Call your local animal shelter ASAP in the morning so that they don't do anything crazy if they do have him. We had MAJOR issues with our shelter, but then it was run by a crook for years so what do you expect...
I pray that your doggie finds his own way home!


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