Friday, February 8, 2008

Jury Duty Scare

My sons literally fight over who is going to get the mail out of the mailbox. Bossy and I have had many a standoffs due to him having a knock down blow out fit because his bigger brothers got to the mailbox first.
Today was no different. As my oldest son proudly pulled the mail out of the box in victory, I saw it in all it's golden glory. My heart sunk to the floor. "Crap!" I yelled to hubs, "I've probably been summoned for jury duty." "How do you know?" he asked. "Oh all I have to see is that bright yellow index sized card to know."
I pulled the card quickly from Gameboy and checked the name. Phillip Anderson. Whew, it was one of the many people who have lived here previously. We get more mail from the 5 or so different people who lived here than actual mail for us. We've lived here going on 3 years.
I was called for jury duty about 4 years ago and some how picked. The case was the oddest case ever. The guy had supposedly beat his momma in a drunken/drugged rage for money. His sister in law or somebody called the cops and they hauled him in. The funny thing was, the dude represented himself. His mother did not want to press charges or be witness for either side. The "evidence" the prosecution produced was a picture of a broken chair and a picture of a case of Bud light. Nothing else. So we had to go on word alone from the "defense". The prosucution only had these lame pictures and previous arrest charges for theft and assault.
Now I'm not saying this dude didn't beat his momma, but the evidence gave nothing to show for it, if your going off of insenuating evidence/circumstances and no witnesses to testify for or against. Then I would say you really don't have a case. Yet here in Texas with the jury we had, you just don't beat your momma I don't care who you are or what lack of evidence you have. I was the passive type to not state my opinion that something was wrong here. Needless to say we found him guilty and he went to jail for several months.
Hubs never will let me forget that I sent a man to jail just off of previous convictions and because everyone else voted for it.
This my friends is why I really don't need the past to haunt me by doing jury duty again. I did my civic duty and I learned from it.
I realized that I probably haven't had a summons lately, because I also have not updated my address on my license or refreshed my voter registration. Doh! I hope I don't have a warrant out. Phil if your out there you better check in with the Smith County courthouse real soon.

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