Friday, February 8, 2008

Whew What A Relief!

Thanks guys for the heads up on spell checker, your such smart internets and know the down low on stuff. I wish I could be as cool as ya'll. What a relief to know I'm not crazy, atleast about issues with spell checker.

Oh.. this is a random post just in case you were wondering.

My head is semi better now but it had been hurting all day again today. I was this close to taking half the day off and it was such a gorgeous day today too. I didn't take the day off as a sexy hunk of a trainer came to do some training for us on our software and well I can't pass up being teacher's pet and all. (Hubs is sexy trainer) Plus I like to drill him on how much he really thinks he knows, show him up a little. Sadly it never works, he's just way smarter than me on it. That's why they send him to the UK and not me, not to mention the fact I have issues about flying out of the country alone. Yes their sending him back to the UK at the end of the month..sniff.
I'm definitly getting my passport ASAP, cause I'm pretty sure he will be going back again and I'm sure he could use an assistant. If he does go after this trip, it will probably be around our 10 year anniversary trip; on the company dime works for me. All we would have to pay for is my plane ticket. Woot!
We have actually kind of been making plans for our 10 year anniversary that is in May. I brought up the idea of going to Vegas and renewing our vows at the Graceland Chapel. Elvis doing the ceremony and a little serenade. I just think it would be crazy fun. Something boring old us would never do. Hubs was a little skeptical at first and he said people will make fun and think it was his idea. Who cares? Now I think he's coming around to it.
When we went to Vegas a few years ago, we could just feel the aura of Elvis around us. I'm not sure what it was but we somehow started to appreciate him a lot more. Oh and don't ever drive to Vegas, from the far corner of East Texas all the way to the far corner of West Texas, it's the longest fricken drive ever. I think we could have flown to Mars and back and still be driving across Texas. Not to mention we still had NM and AZ to get through. We'll be flying this time if we go.

I think my A.D.D is kicking in, hence the randomness.
I have been craving queso cheese for days. I made Rees recipe for the SuperBowl and the boys and I practically drank it straight from the bowl. Who needs chips? I've eaten on it every night making that my dinner. Nutritious and delicious! Pace has a new line of salsa and queso and their queso is quite delish, it's got a bit of a zing to it compared to Tostitos. (Shameless plug for Pace-Hi Pace if you'd like to send me a case of queso, I will love and blog about you long time.)

Ok that's probably enough randomness for one post.

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MP said...

random is fun..cleans out the cobwebs..well go sign in on goodreads and you will have access to my list of books..You know what I want to re-read. Wifey by Judy Blume..that is a good juicy read!!


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