Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hubs and I are getting sick. The whole congestion cough crap. Thanks Bossyboy we appreciate you sharing the love. Needless to say I've been a big ball of nothingness today.

I did get enough gumption to clean BB and WB's room today. I purged, organized, and cleaned. Org Junkie would be so proud. I didn't do the whole before after picture thing. I just wasn't in the mood. Just imagine toys, clothes, and pillow and stuffed animal fluff everywhere. The dog has been pillaging the house to tear up anything cloth like in his path. He's almost a year old he should be out of the chew phase right?

We got some snow yesterday, but nothing that would stick or make it slick where school/work would close early. We did act like little kids oohing and awing looking out the window over the snow. Hey, were Texans snow is a sight to behold, like little angels coming down from heaven.

I finally confronted Mr. Bossman about what the deal was about the promotion. It took everything I had to keep me from throwing a tantrum in his floor or just break down like a blubbering idiot. Needless to say it pretty much was what I thought. He thinks my "public speaking" skills are less than to be desired. Uhm bossman, we don't speak in public except on the phone. You'd think that since we have quarterly goals that this would be something that bossman would somehow have me work on. Anyways my attitude has taken a 180 the past few weeks. I have no motivation whatsoever. I'll get deeper into it on another post.

I'm becoming a connoisseur of cheesecake bites. I've tried just about every place I know that has them. Sonic, Arby's, Taco Bueno. Am I missing one? I think Sonic is at the top of my list of faves. I get a bunch, their warm, and the apple dipping sauce is yum. They have of course been the cure that ails me lately. Better than booze I suppose.
Lookie what Deb gave me.

Thanks Deb I really needed some sunshine on my cloudy day! Anyone who actually takes the time to read my drivel is a blog buddy friend of mine! So have it, pat all of your selfs on the back and say yeah I do have to put up Jean's drivel every now and then.
Enough of my foggy random spewings.

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