Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm buckled in for the next 5 plus hours.

Playoffs baby! My prediction: Pats and Packers for the SuperBowl.

BTW speaking of football, I'm sure you are curious to know about my fantasy football team. Well seeing as how it's been over for way over a month and I didn't want to bore you. I didn't fare well this year. I did make it to the playoffs by a lucky break but then lost the first game. Yeah nothing to write home about.

A few funny things I wanted to mention about the quips of my children.
I was getting BB dressed this morning and had him take his shirt off while I was in another room getting or doing whatever. BB yells "Mommy come look at this, come quick." I go to look and he's showing me his little boy nips on his chest. "What is that mommy?" "That's your boy nips silly." "I don't like them, take them off!" I couldn't help to laugh at him.

We made our morning jont to the House of Wal this morning. I try to go at a prime time when the rest of the world should be doing something else, like attending church. Yeah I know. Anyway were in the health and beauty aisle and just happen to be passing by the Trojans which are conveniently placed near the female products. I don't know what WB saw that fascinated him, cause last I checked Trojans didn't have cartoon characters on them. He just grabbed a box off the shelf asking me "What are these?!" "Put those back dude!" Needless to say I'm always glad we hit the House of Wal at prime time.

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You always make me laugh!


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